Fashion’s next generation

Alas, Celina blurted out, “I must confess that I have a real huge fetish for shoes. Even though I have over 1500 pairs yet I crave for more and more. There have been times when I have left home to buy medicines and have ended up buying shoes!!!”

Clementine Ralph, aged 16, from Gloucestershire, was enrolled by George at Asda as an intellect of fashion’s next generation.

The George team, from George House, Lutterworth, invited Clementine and three other teenage stylists help them in designing a new collection for ‘Love 2 left, the tween girl market.

George’s discover four young budding fashionistas was nationwide with the support of SugarScape during July. This program has boosted young masses. This hunt appeared across the George at Asda social media outlets which added Facebook which drew hundreds of girls worldwide who were ardent to become a ‘George Style Scout’

Clementine after swaying judges with her evident ardor for fashion, her expertise on catwalk trends and designers along with creative visions for the teen fashion genre became an element  of the George ‘Fash pack’,

Being a Style Scouts competition winner, fortuitous Clementine flukes consult the new Christmas collection, which is aimed at girls aged between 9-16, and star in a professional photo shoot to model the first

Clementine said: “I’ve loved being a George Style Scout, working on the new Love 2 Laugh range with the George design team. I’ve learnt a lot about how a new collection is created, and I can’t wait show my friends the range and wear my favourite items out and about knowing I’ve helped create them.”

20% the projected growth of organic market by 2011 end

The recent report from Textile Exchange pictures the increased global demand in the organic cotton industry. LaRhea Pepper, a Textile Exchange managing director, phonated, “Consumers continue to be committed to supporting the use of organic cotton and other sustainable fibers, while brands and retailers continue to make their product lines more sustainable by continuing to increase their use of such fibers which are safer, more innovative manufacturing processes,”

Several brands and retailers increased their utilization of organic cotton more than double and playing the same even for 2012 Large programmers too stay with the plan. As an outcome, Textile Exchange projects that the organic cotton market will increase another 20% in 2011 globally to result in an appraisal of $6.2 billion market by the edge of 2011 and a $7.4 billion market in 2012.

For the first time, in 2010 the Textile Exchange inquired about the usage of sustainable fibres along with recycled and cellulosic fibre. Recycled polyester and Tencel® grabbed the top two as reported by the corresponding companies; overall, the result indicated a hefty increase on their usage and others in the forthcoming years. The report of 2010 will be the case for the report of the next year.

The areas selected for future collaborative works include the development of a harmonized definition of a sustainable or preferred textiles and arming more competitors in textile, apparel, home furnishings, etc to blend the sustainability into business and product strategies through training, tools, and information.

The Top Ten organic cotton-using brands and retailers globally last year were: H&M (Sweden), C&A (Belgium), Nike (Oregon, USA), Inditex (Zara) (Spain), Adidas (Germany), Greensource (Washington, USA), Anvil (New York, USA), Target (Minnesota, USA), Disney Consumer Products (California, USA) and Otto Group (Germany).

Funky Fashion – WLIFW

On the runways of the ‘Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week’ 2011, was the appearance of most the interesting clothing and headgear which spoke creativity and funky wearability.

 Psychedelic colours, wearable art, sculpted forms and prints we all in rage!

The silhouettes and styles were outta this world, vibrant, joyful and classy! Many designers made heads turn with their collections, like Raakesh Agarwal – made a comeback after few seasons with a fantastic presentation of latticework of his silhouettes.

 Some of the other designers were Pankaj & Nidhi who kept the wearability factor in all their garments but did not miss the mark of the creative factor.  They used a lot of cutwork, appliqué and folds of fabric to help the garments be body flattering! This was one of their best collections so far!

 Many of the other designers like Anupama Daval, Nikasha Tawadey and Wendell Rodricks used a blend of the many many shades of colours and flowy silhouettes. In their collections there was a distinct Indian meets Western culture and they had a traditional feel as well as a funky side.

 The Funky Fashion in India has come a long way and there’s no one stopping them! Cheers for the Fashion Designers! Way to Go!

Modelland – by Tyra Banks

Well Well Well!

TYRA BANKS has it all and more!

She was just a teenager when she became one of the world’s most successful models. She also became the talk show host and creator of the hit show “America’s Top Model” and now she’s adding ‘author’ as well to her list of titles by writing a novel called “Modelland”.

The 36-year-old mogul is teaming up with Random House to release three novels based on her own experiences as a model.

Banks said, “Modelland” is fiction but it’s inspired by her own life and some of the monsters she refers in the book are taken from the real world. The story brings a teenage girl and her friends to an imaginary place called Modelland. “Every girl in the world wants to go there because it’s where ‘Intoxibellas’ are trained,” Tyra wrote, adding, “Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too.

Modelland is a first of three-part series & now she has offers to turn her novel into a movie!

Have you read the book? What do you think?


L.A.M.B – Harajuku Mini Fashion Line for Target

From Missoni to Gwen Stefani, Target is all about style this fall.

The Minnesota retailer just disclosed the first photo of the upcoming ‘Harajuku Mini’ fashion line for kids by singer and L.A.M.B designer Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani’s Fashion Brand L.A.M.B has created a kids wear line for the Brand ‘Target’ called ‘Harajuku Mini’ which is a Japanese inspired super cute and playful kids clothes.

This new line will consist of apparel and accessories for babes, kids and tweens and is scheduled to hit all Target stores on 3th, November 2011.

The promo pictures have been launched and those look fabulous, with the never aging pop star Gwen Stefani in something that looks like ‘Alice In Wonderland’ inspired outfit with ruffles and bows in abundance. In those pictures below, in addition to Gwen are the super cute little outfits from the kids wear with even cuter kids adorning the outfits. Take a peep!

Comments from Stefani, ”Harajuku Mini is a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to do cool children’s fashion line inspired by the Playful clothing found in Japan. The whole idea is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dresses.”

The line will include everything from shoes to hoodies to specially designed toddler to tween set. Affordability is the key for the designer and mother of two – so nothing will cost more than $30.

We are in awe of the collection and dig the promo pictures! Looks like we got ourselves a Wonder Woman right here!


The awards to pay tribute to the women in the world. For their achievements and extra ordinary contributions made in various streams. People have been awarded this award every year; the winners this time are as below.

•    Jennifer Lopez: The All-Star
•    Tory Burch: The Fashion Force
•    Laura Bush, Barbara Bush & Jenna Bush Hager: The Generations Award
•    Chelsea Handler: The Queen of the Night
•    Withelma “T” Ortiz-Macey: The Bravest Truth-Teller
•    Gabrielle Giffords: The Undaunted
•    Lea Michele: The Diva Next Door
•    Cindy Sherman: The Art Superstar
•    Esraa Abdel Fattah: The World Changer
•    Gloria Steinem: Lifetime Achievement Winner


1.    JENNIFER LOPEZ : the star has been awarded the women of the year award for her success and efforts. In an years time she has managed to go from superstar to megastar to ultimate-supreme-giganto star, all thanks to a little thing called American Idol, her new album , her new clothing line for Kohl’s and even her very public split from Marc Anthony. Lopez, 42, had got her first break at 22, dancing as a Fly Girl on the hit TV show In Living Color. In 1997, her starring role in the acclaimed Selena sealed the deal: Then, in 1999, Lopez released her first album, On the 6 and that was it. Next was her jaw-dropping fashion moment in 2000, the cut-down-to-there green Versace gown, that’s so famous that it’s actually on display at the Grammy Museum in L.A. She’s a fantastic role model.

2.    Tory Burch: The Fashion Force
She’s a great businesswoman and her legacy is helping other women.  “I believe in women.” Is what she says. She did not expect such achievement in future when she started in 2004 to, today, a $330-million-a-year brand worn by everyone from Taylor Swift to Michelle Obama. This year she’s outdone herself: She’s added 18 new stores to her 46 Tory Burch shops worldwide—including a flagship on Madison Avenue—and industry insiders predict that her 2011 revenue will jump an eye-popping 52 percent. “I see myself as a tomboy who grew up on a Pennsylvania farm and who has three kids,” she says. “I never went to design school.” Even so, her iconic products—the easy-to-wear tunic and that shoe, her T-logo ballet flat—got people buzzing, fast. “Women are the best investment,” she says. “You see the hardships they’ve been through and how they’ve overcome. This is her inspiration in life.

3.     Arianna Huffington: The Visionary
In 2004 she started working on a fresh idea: a site that would bring together news, gossip and entertainment reports from around the Web, plus bloggy musings and blockbuster scoops, all under The Huffington Post. It was launched in 2005 with critics to be a failure project. But she did not loose the track and proved the project to be success. Then, in February 2011, she brokered the splashiest merger of the year, selling to AOL for $315 million and taking editorial control of a media giant that reaches more than 225 million visitors worldwide. “People underestimated for how truly brilliant was.

4.    Withelma Ortiz-Macey : The Bravest Truth-Teller
She is a Woman of the Year because: “Her efforts to shine a light on the abuse of young girls will save lives—that I know for sure.” Withelma Ortiz-Macey, nicknamed “T”. Her childhood memories are not pretty. The daughter of drug addicts, remembers being left wearing dirty diapers for days, staying in a crack house with blood on the walls and feeling roaches crawl over her body. Shuttled between more than 14 different foster homes, at age 10 she met a man who promised to love and care for her. But there was a catch: She had to stand on an Oakland street in her tiny jean shorts and pink sneakers, selling herself. “I felt scared, worthless,” she says. “I’d be beaten if I didn’t bring back $1,000.”
That T managed to escape this life at 17, thanks to a court-appointed advocate, is in and of itself a miracle. But then she did something even more remarkable: She dedicated herself to telling her story to the most influential people she could find; she’s testified to Congress and made her case at the White House. “I felt like I had to do it,” she says, “so people would understand what these girls go through.”
Today, at 22, T is becoming one of the nation’s most effective voices on a problem many people think plagues only foreign countries: the sex trafficking of children. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimates that roughly 200,000 girls in the United States are lured into the sex trade each year. Instead of being treated as victims of child rape.
T wants to change the world. She’s working with the Rebecca Project, which is urging government action on this issue. The result: This year, for the first time ever, the President’s budget proposed federal funding to combat domestic sex trafficking. “Sexual assault victims almost never come forward and talk about the crime,” says Congressman Ted Poe (R-Tex.), who was so moved by T’s courage that he plans to reintroduce an anti trafficking bill. “The T,” he says, “is for tenacious.”
And she’s more than talk. So far T has helped 100-plus girls in their struggle to leave forced sex work. Mentoring dredges up painful memories, but it’s worth it, she says: “I didn’t live through all this crap for nothing.”

Nina Garcia’s – Style Rules

In Nina Garcia’s book, “Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion”, which is out in stores now, Marie Claire‘s fashion director outlines what to wear to every imaginable occasion. Here are some of the rules to live by and more specifically dress by!

Always prepare for the unexpected.

Since you are always in the eye of the public, you have to pay close attention to what you wear. Every woman needs to stay on her toes in this era of cell-phone cameras and Facebook. Whenever you are in doubt about how you look for an errand run, ask yourself, if someone takes a photo of me, will I be OK with it hitting the Internet? If the answer is no, then redo your look.

When dressing for dramatic effect, do something surprising.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up by pairing a military-style jacket with a velvet skirt, vintage with modern, off-the-rack with couture, formal with casual. If you wear all black, add striking color with shoes or a bib necklace. Try to create an unusual silhouette with high-waisted, narrow trousers and a blousy top, or loose trousers with a fitted top and a bolero. As always, work with your figure; draping, pleats, and proportion can work miracles when it comes to hiding flaws and enhancing assets.

Style is like a muscle: You have to exercise it regularly or you’ll lose it.

Working from home or going on maternity leave is no excuse to let go of your look. The more you schlep around in drawstring pants and tees, the less you’re going to be able to pull yourself together when necessary. Likewise, the more you walk out of the house feeling like a million bucks, the more you are going to want to get out and make an impression. Think about dressing up, even for days spent around the house.

Pants Trends for fall

Trousers the most comfortable and easy to go attire has come up with a lot of variations this fall. The styles in trend count more, you need not only wear skin fit trousers, and other options are open this time. With great fit and styles. Check out what suits you body.

Cropped and Slouchy

These relaxed, pleated trousers have a boyish charm. Look for ones that hit a couple inches above the ankle and have a wide waistband that cinches your middle. Then tuck in your top to show off your shape.

Soft and Silky

Somewhere between a super luxury harem pant and your fave sweats, these have an easy look that’s still elegant. Choose a pair that’s narrow-ish — not tight but not baggy — through the thighs. Then match it with an equally rich- sweater.
  There’s a new type of mixed pant style. It’s closer to a pj pant than anything else—but chic and louche, usually in some sort of drapey silky material. We love it as much for the way it feels as the way it looks. Easy and cropped, sometimes with an elasticized waist—it’s sinfully comfortable and surprisingly sexy. A perfect counter point to tailored jackets and fitted feminine tops. Totally liberating with a soft slouchy T. Gorgeous in a print.

Stretchy Cigarette

  The new slim-cut pants fit snugly but have enough substance to keep them from feeling legging-like (thank God). Go for ones that hit right above the ankle, and wear them with a hip-length blazer: It’ll ward off any butt/thigh-related anxiety.

Bright Red

  This lipstick-y shade is the biggest color of the fall — and it gives you a whopping dose of playful chic. Pick a pair with clean, slim lines and match ’em with something soft and neutral up top.

High-Waisted and Wide-Legged

  These ’70s trousers are classic for a reason: They make legs look miles long. For best results, wear them with heels, hemmed so they hang only about an inch off the floor. (And if you’re on the curvier side, go for ones in darker colors.) Then tuck in your shirt to play up your suddenly teeny-tiny waist.

Nicki Minaj Fashion Faux Pas

Nicki Minaj is a hip hop artist who acquired fame after being signed to Young Money. She was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, but moved to the Queens borough of New York City at age five.

Minaj began her music career in 2007 after she released her first mix tape Playtime Is Over. The mix tape was followed by the many more mix tapes which were released in 2008 and 2009. Her first label success was after rapper Lil Wayne discovered and secured a record deal with her with Young Money Entertainment with distribution from Universal Motown Records In August 2009.

She released her first debut album, Pink Friday in 2010 which became a commercial success, peaking at the top of the U.S. Billboard 200. And was later certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a month after its release. She became the first artist ever to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.Her second single, “Your Love”, reached number-one on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, making Minaj the first female artist to top the chart unaccompanied. Many more records of hers have been sold and topped the charts.

Musically Minaj us great but when it comes to Fashion she is a walking disaster on shoes. Fashion is crazy with her outfits, to shoes to her jewelry and hairdos. Retro and Funk is her thing!

Always seen is flashy colours and trashy art, Nicki Minaj is one of the craziest artist, after Lady Gaga of course. Oh, Nicki Minaj. Why do you insist on being so unbelievably crazy on the red carpet and off? Her latest red carpet look is just as out there as her previous ones, but there’s just so much going on here that we simply had to talk about it.

Well for the beginning, Nicki’s wearing a huge swan around her neck. A swan. We’re all for animal jewelry, but why is it so humongous? Add to it the crazy ballerina tutu and the Wellies–seriously, Wellies on a red carpet?–and well we have nothing to say! No words can describe it.

Well it’s a well known fact that Nicki likes to be an individual and express her personal style, but we don’t think at all that this outfit is all that stylish. Especially with those crazy curly girly pigtails. Nope! Not forgiven this time!

What were they thinking?

Celebrities always get us dumbfounded; either they look gorgeous or just downright ridiculous and ugly.  Many people think they can carry off all types of garments, But they are WRONG!

Everyone needs to check the style and decide what looks good on them. Celebrities have to understand the limelight is on them and that they should keep up to trends and fashion to what suits their bodies, or hire a stylist to do that for them.

These are few of the – What were they thinking?


No idea what’s worse, the monstrous black satin bow atop Kelis’ head or the blinding, disco ball-inspired dress she sported to the Dorsia Club opening in London? Or Randy Jackson child like coat which should have stayed on a kid, but am guessing he thinks his jacket is dino-mite.  Look at the aspect of Paris’ ensemble which is extremely dated (including tacky!), she also appears to be twice her age thanks to this matronly mistake. Including Eva for wearing her Muppet-like dress to say farewell to her Desperate Housewife Character Gabriella Solis role. more like she was saying my fashion sense is dead without you?!