The most prettiest and charming wear among the garment section is KIDS WEAR. All kinds of floral prints , cartoon characters , exclusive styles, bright energetic colors  are all used in kids garments only. It would be so interesting to design a kid’s wear. The selection of fabric and its quality is the most important one while designing a kid’s wear because it shouldn’t harm or be inconvenient for the kids in any way. The next factor to be considered is comfortable property. Right from simple night wear to sparkling ethnic wear, we want our little angels and prince to look gorgeous and smart.

According to the color forecast for fall/winter 2012 Kids wear, the colors under this category are dark grey shades, misty blue & light green shades, light blue & turquoise hues, bold pink & purple shades, coral & green undertones, burnt orange & emerald shades.

Here are the some exclusive collections of kid’s fall/winter wear by top designers in the world.

Adorable Blue Berry
Divine Beauty
Graceful and Classy
Seductive Style
Courageous and Awful
Handsome and Perfect
Formal Prince and Casual Princess
No words to express – Little Gorgeous angel
Dazzling – ” It’s time for the Party”
Stunning and Pretty
Cute and Elegant
Romantic and Stunning Look
Great Attitude – Model Perfect
Delightful and Traffic-Stopper
My style My Attitude
Innocence and Angelic – “Mom… how am i looking”
Superb and Magnificient
Resplendent and Splendid
Radiant and Alluring
Hide Fashion – Enticing

Coming Soon with More Collections…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The hottest fabric which is in trend right now for winter 2012 is LEATHER. As we all know, it is made by the tanning of animal’s skin and undergoes lots of processing to become as a beautiful warmth fabric for us. In the fashion industry leather was used mostly for making overcoats apart from other products like shoes, wallets, belts, etc… But now we can see how this HIDE FASHION is used in different styles

LEATHER FASHION gets trendier day by day. We can see different silhouettes using leather. Mostly the color of leather fabric was in black and brown shades. But now the trend has changed, it has come up with various shades like mustard, crimson red, etc.. Leather fabric has been used in this fall season for making trendy skirts, pants , etc.. Hoping that soon there will be some revolution in this HIDE FASHION style.


The word when we spell it which makes us feel like WOW… That’s the magic the word has.. This has been the breathe of designers, interiors , architects, etc.. The Visual treat for our eyes is always through colors. Everything we buy today matters a lot in terms colors right from a small pen to color of our house, car, etc… The color you choose can be directly proportional to what type of personality you are. It sometimes tells us the mood of the person. Each color means something like red means energetic, green means refreshing like this the list goes on….  Each year the colors in fashion are changing.There are people who work hard behind to forecast the colors for seasonal collections and for a lot more purposes too.

Top 8 colors trends for winter 2012 are

Burnt Orange


Dark teal

Egg plant


Primrose Yellow (Mustard)

Royal Blue

Venetian Red

Hair style trends for winter 2012

The most important thing which has to be considered along with garments and accessories is the hairstyle that you do. It just depicts the attitude about you. It should add a compliment to the whole things you wear. If dressing up of hair doesn’t fit the style that you wear , then it will destroy the whole look obviously. Any kind of hairstyle right from simple to complex one , it should go along with your style that you wear.

Let us show you some of the current trends of hairstyles and hair color for winter 2012

Some of the hairstyles are

Some of the hair colors in trend now are

Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Collections

Alfred Angelo retailer of bridal gown and the company is most renowned for their bridal gown fashions, the company also designs bridesmaid dresses, fashions for the mother of the bride, flower girl dresses, and other wedding accessories.

The visual treat of Alfred Angelo Disney Fairy Tale Wedding collections is shown which depicts various Disney and Fairy Tale characters.

 At some point in time, every girl dreams of being a princess. They crave to be the most gorgeous and pampered princess with a fairy tale like a wedding. What if those wishes come true through the Bridal Collections of Alfred Angelo


Ariel is a story bound character of Walt Disney and fourth in the Disney Princess lineup and the only princess to become a mother.

Ariel Bridal Gown-Cascading ruffles in taffeta and satin organza pay esteem to Ariel’s oceanic home
Blossom Girl for Ariel
Veil of Ariel Bridal Gown


Belle is a story bound character of Walt Disney pictures.

Belle Bridal Gown-Grand ball gown is layered with charming tiers of tulle and net and features a extravagantly bejewelled, covered corset bodice that is filled with more enchantment than a storybook romance
Blossom Girl for Belle
Veil for Belle Bridal Gown


It is a fairytale story character and  is a young woman living in fateful circumstances that are suddenly changed to astonishing luck

Cinderella Bridal Gown-Classic wedding dress of tulle and shimmering net over taffeta, inspired by Cinderella’s glass slipper and the draped criss-cross bodice features a romantic sweetheart neckline accented with gleaming crystal beading and rhinestones.
Blossom Girl for Cinderella
Veil for Cinderella Bridal Gown


Princess Jasmine is a story bound character of Walt Disney pictures and she is the sixth official Disney Princess with middle east appearance.

Jasmine Bridal Gown-Layers of style depicts Jasmine’s adventurous spirit and the multi-tiered soft glitter organza gown floats in lovely layers and tiered ruffles and is topped with a stunning jewel encrusted bodice – perfect for that magic carpet ride
Blossom Girl for Jasmine
Veil for Jasmine Bridal Gown


It is one of the storybound fairy tale character of Disney and she is best known for her gorgeous long hair

Rapunzel Bridal Gown-Delicate draped taffeta reminiscent of the twists and turns of her long braided hair engage in recreation of the dreamy form fitting silhouette and floral sash with pearls and crystals pays service nature and the world she expresses through her creativity.
Blossom Girl for Rapunzel
Veil for Rapunzel Bridal Gown


It is one of traditional fairytale character involving a gorgeous charming princess, enchantment of sleep, and a handsome prince

Sleeping Beauty Bridal Gown-Elegance resonate in romantic organza with a slender, asymmetric skirt and sweetheart neckline and featuring stunning touches of waist beading and self fabric rose inspired flowers
Blossom Girl for Sleeping Beauty
Veil for Sleeping Beauty Bridal Gown


It is one of the famous fairytale character where her skin is as white as snow and well known for her beauty.

Snow White Bridal Gown-Delicately draped satin bodice pays esteem to Snow White’s mild grace and beauty and hidden in the skirt’s pickups are lace vine motifs and loving flowers that seem to come straight from her enchanted forest
Blossom Girl for Snow White
Veil for Snow White Bridal Gown


It is one of the storybound character of Walt Disney pictures where she is the African American princess and ninth princess in Disney Princess series.

Tiana Bridal Gown-This outline fitting, draped satin wedding dress and its organza cloud of dreams go round is topped off with a lace and crystal sweetheart neckline that sparkles like the Evening Star
Blossom Girl for Tiana
Veil for Tiana Bridal Gown