Crisis @ London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week went into a crisis after the huge Italian fashion brand Gucci, have to show their collection for Spring/Summer 2012 in Milan, wanted many number of models to fly to Milan early to begin fittings for their show.

Since this move happened, the bi-annual fashion event was chaos as the models were being pulled from shows at the last minute, which left London-based model agencies outraged and threatening to boycott London Fashion Week next season if the British Fashion Council does not take initiative and re-organize the London FW schedule and intervene to prevent all the tactics of bullying by both New York and Milan Fashion Weeks.

All these problems began when Marc Jacobs moved his New York show to a later time ro make up the time his design team lost due to the Hurricane Irene. Jacobs’ show ran very late on Thursday night and due to this the models could not get a flight back to London shows the next day. One of the London based model agency founder said that they were holding up not one or two big models but many of them in New York, as many designers did not select till the very day of the show, which meant most of the models were staying in NY just in case they got cast.

So with all this happening the London Fashion Week suffered as many models appeared to be picked for the NY and Milan shows which left London struggling and running around to replace them with various other models. People in the London FW have found it hard to believe that their fashion camaraderie could be so heartless and create a hostile arrangement for all. Wake up London!! Step up to the NY and Milan FW’s for your models!

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