Does your brand need a celebrity?

The celebrities do really help a brand. Being more certain, the cricket strikers and the gorgeous Bollywood artists occupy the majority part while the rest is filled with famous models and some are chosen based on the theme of the brand. Under all brackets, irrespective of the brand, many are trying to bank on the huge appeal by the celebrities. As shortly as a new face mounts on the popularity chart, advertisers queue up to get them splashed over.

The accruement of celebrity endorsements can be justified by the following advantages that are bestowed on the overall brand:

Establishment of Credibility: Approval of a brand by a star nurtures a sense of trust of that brand among the public, which is true in case of new products.

We had the Shah Rukh-Santro campaign. At launch, Shah Rukh Khan endorsed Santro which created its recognition in the competitive market.

Ensured Attention: Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the bestrews and making the ad and the brand more noticeable.

PR coverage: Being a main reason, Managers discern celebrities as hot topics, which create high PR coverage. A good example of integrated celebrity campaigns is the Spice Girls, one of the World’s leading pop groups, who have not only advertised Pepsi, but also made their presence in product launching and PR events. Indeed, the pairing of celebrity-company as The Spice Girls and Pepsi, are covered by most media from television to newspapers.

Higher degree of recall: People tend to commensurate the personalities endorsing with the brand, which increases the recall value. Golf star Tiger Woods has endorsed American Express, Rolex, and Nike. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones goes on with T-Mobile and Elizabeth Arden. 007 Pierce Brosnan promotes Omega, BMW, and Noreico.

Associative Benefit: A celebrity’s preference for a brand speaks an influential message, ‘As the celebrity benefits of the brand, so do the consumer will also.’

Mitigating a tarnished image: Succeeding the high-pitch worms controversy, Cadbury India wanted to restore the consumer confidence in their products and so appointed Amitabh Bachan to put back their appearance. Last year, when the pesticide issue shook up Coca-Cola and PepsiCo resulting in negative press, both had peak profit damage control advertisement to feature most expensive celebrities. Aamir Khan led the Coke fight back and ensures the product’s purity. Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar together referred to the ‘safety’ of PepsiCo.

Psychographic Connect: Fans generally love and adore their favourite celebrity and using this advertisers use dazzling artists to impact on these feelings to get them inside the brand.

Demographic Connect: Different stars appeal differently based on the demographic segments (age, gender, class, geography etc).

Mass Appeal: Some stars have universal appeal which is proved good and attract masses towards them.

Rejuvenating a stagnant brand: Dabur India roped in Bachan for an estimated Rs 8 crore to intent the imbue of fresh life into the slacking chyawanprash.

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