What to wear? Is this question troubling you….

You need to rush for a party; you have no clue what to wear. Infact most of us don’t know the difference and how they should dress depending upon the occasion. You cannot wear the same attire for an office party what you wear for a club. Check out one, two, three below…

One -Cocktail party: should be all about glamour, shimmer, sparkle all around. You have a bling bling sequence dress; it’s time to wear it now.  Even leather will do well, for this party. Club with a plain clutch bag and heels in contrast colours.

Two -House party: these parties are tricky, very tough to decide whether to dress up or go casual….so be safe dress up with something comfortable, bling it with shoes or bag. Flats will be a better option here. Dress up simple and stylish. The designer Shantanu and Nikhil has a lot in his collection for such parties.

Three -Office party: I would advice to be dressed up with smart formals. Bold colour dresses with belts and heels or may be high waist trousers with a cute top. Satin fabric dresses do quite well here. Don’t overdo with accessories. Studs will be enough with a clutch bag.

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