The word when we spell it which makes us feel like WOW… That’s the magic the word has.. This has been the breathe of designers, interiors , architects, etc.. The Visual treat for our eyes is always through colors. Everything we buy today matters a lot in terms colors right from a small pen to color of our house, car, etc… The color you choose can be directly proportional to what type of personality you are. It sometimes tells us the mood of the person. Each color means something like red means energetic, green means refreshing like this the list goes on….  Each year the colors in fashion are changing.There are people who work hard behind to forecast the colors for seasonal collections and for a lot more purposes too.

Top 8 colors trends for winter 2012 are

Burnt Orange


Dark teal

Egg plant


Primrose Yellow (Mustard)

Royal Blue

Venetian Red

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