Go crazy with piercing trends..

“ Style Mai Rahene Ka “ is what the youth of today follows and believes in….fashion fashion is in mind of all. Hey you fashion freak, piercing which is a part of traditions, goes in the style statement of today. It’s no more just a tradition but a statement for both men and women.

The chicks can go onboard with as many piercing they wish, 3,4,5 don’t keep it simple to just one if u wana follow trends and look sexy. Im sure all you teenagers are set to look different. But make sure it suits you. Nose , lips, eyebrows, naval and chest piercing is also not a bad idea, if you don’t wana limit yourself.
Yes ofcourse, play safe and look sexy, should definitely be your tag line in mind. Don’t cross it.

If you wana go more crazy, try out teeth tattooing. You will look cool with one teeth blinging….in a night club when you smile. You teeth will be BLING ! BLING ! crazy it is ….but I love it..why don’t you try….

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