Skin care in winter

Put an end to the feel of tan-fading and use the best time to re-vamp your look.

To glow your complexion and healthy skin during winters, perceive what your skin undergoes and jerk a few habits.

Hence look at the beauty tips for the winter season:

  • To protect your skin from foreign elements, use an SPF day care cream.
  • Take in sufficient amount of water everyday.
  • During winter season, try to sup lemon tea.
  • Clinch your beauty sleep of 7 hours if you are unable to manage the full 8 hours /or 9 hours during winter nights.
  • For further protection, use natural sunscreen moisturizers such as aloe vera, cocoa butter and herbal oils.
  • Use E vitaminized lip moisturizing balms.
  • After washing your hands, apply hand lotion.
  • While washing the dishes, do not forget to wear on a rubber glove.
  • During winter avoid vigorous and frequent scrubbing with washcloths, this can damage and create irritation to your dry skin.
  • Give wide berths to tub baths as they cause your skin to dry up.
  • Let your moisturizers, natural soaps or herbal soaps for your skin opted to be dual purposed.
  • Avoid the clay based marks during winter
  • Creams containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids can be used in case of dry skins.
  • Avoid the usage of wet gloves and socks which which can damage and create irritation to your dry skin.
  • Use ice in your mouth to reduce dark circles
  • Use petroleum lip balms and butter to get extra softness and to cure chapped lips.
  • Add a few drops of oil to the water that would be used in bathing to retain the lost moisture

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