What were they thinking?

Celebrities always get us dumbfounded; either they look gorgeous or just downright ridiculous and ugly.  Many people think they can carry off all types of garments, But they are WRONG!

Everyone needs to check the style and decide what looks good on them. Celebrities have to understand the limelight is on them and that they should keep up to trends and fashion to what suits their bodies, or hire a stylist to do that for them.

These are few of the – What were they thinking?


No idea what’s worse, the monstrous black satin bow atop Kelis’ head or the blinding, disco ball-inspired dress she sported to the Dorsia Club opening in London? Or Randy Jackson child like coat which should have stayed on a kid, but am guessing he thinks his jacket is dino-mite.  Look at the aspect of Paris’ ensemble which is extremely dated (including tacky!), she also appears to be twice her age thanks to this matronly mistake. Including Eva for wearing her Muppet-like dress to say farewell to her Desperate Housewife Character Gabriella Solis role. more like she was saying my fashion sense is dead without you?!

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