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Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

The Fashion Week 2016 trends have an impact on the different runways, from Paris to Milan, New York to London. The trends are expected to be fun, clever and amazing, bringing in the best of the best of changing trends.some amazing trendsetting fashion-

 ♦ Crochet Outerwear

Apparently things can look much better when crochet skirts and tops and jackets are added to the mix, with barely black inner wear’s a contrast against the skin. Crochet is not to be seen very often, well! It can create everlasting designs with a blend of grace.

crochet outwear
crochet outwear

 The Button Look

Buttons always add eternal beauty to most of the outfit’s .use of buttons widely enhances the art of clothing. Buttons appear on side slits on skirts under gorgeous waist cinched tops with contrast stitching .It makes u look more elegant and pleasingly ingenious.

button look
button look

All tied up

One intriguing trend noticed on the catwalk from New York to London, Milan to Paris was the idea that things can be tied up and it will look incredible and grand in the most  simple way. Bows make their appearance while ties  acts as detailing appearing around the waist. A fusion of these creates fashion on air.

Ties magic
Ties magic

♦ The Hourglass Shape

Showing off the waist is the latest trend and it has been in for a while now, despite the oversized garments making their own appearance on the runways. The sculpted hourglass shapes with waists as the focal point are created with belts and accessories as well as the simple cut of the clothing itself. It broadly brings out the feminine personality  .

Hourglass bliss
Hourglass bliss

♦ Gypset for Spring

gypsetting one rather interesting trend for the coming year. It sort of sets of a trend into the current generation spreading a whole range of fusion of ethnic and vintage look with a wide options of catchy colours.





Saree is a only traditional dress for India. Satya Paul hosted the young ladies FICCI organization (YFLO) for an afternoon of coffee and conversation

The ‘Trouser’ Saree (AW’02) : Hand print fabric, The saree is draped in modern type.



kanjivarams of south India.


The Churidaar Saree (AW 10)   : The sari exquisite for nuptial ceremonies, is bedecked with churidaar having a pre pleated fall.


The Suspender Saree (AW 13)  :divided palazzos of the suspender saree eases movement and the unstitched pallu can be styled as a stole.


On November 21st Avirate brand launched “Miss France” collection at Bangalore


The famous high-street international brand, launched is ‘Miss France’ trend to the glamor it is a vital part of this new collection. Avirate, LAUNCHED their collection as a appeal to the sensibilities of young sensuous women at the “THROUSSEAU WEEK TO THE COLLECTION” these event took place on 21st November in UB city, Bangalore.

They given lot of importance for using laser cuts, color blocking and origami concept in the collection. Silhouettes are crafted female structure for the perfect fashion statement by making use of France lace. The collections are made by delicate fabrics like soft chiffons,CDC,matte jersey and stretch cotton have been extremely used

On the opening of the collection Mr. Jahid Osman, Managing Director, Aviraté India told “Aviraté – Miss France Collection given a spirit to fashion and style. Global fashion lifestyle is influenced new step to Our Indian consumer and simultaneous effort to introduce the same has motivated in providing something classy”.

Miss France collection in Bangalore :




The fashion conscious lady’s will be loved to wear this collection.

Its BLUE once again!!

Blue,  the most inspiring and happening color ever is the base color for every outfit. So rock on this spring season with blue color mixed and matched with other contrasting shades representing freshness and purity in every form. The recent fashion event at New York city’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week was based on this theme.





Peplums, denims, gowns and every attire in blue with different patterns and styles are eventually turning out to be a huge fashion statement for people of all age groups.

Fur Fashion

The hairs of animal skin are well known as Fur and are used in large number. Fur is mainly used for making winter clothing because it gives warmth. It is a product that is sustainable, renewable and bio degradable. Fur has been in fashion every year. The important trends in fur are emerging of different colors, vintage influences, and use of mixed furs which creates texture combination. Here are the few clicks of runway pictures of Fur fashion

New age Indian designer-Tanya Sharma

Tanya, an alumnus of NIFT Mumbai, gained her inspirations from Indian culture, vibrant colors and earthy core for her designs. Her innovation is dynamic and lively combinations of Indian textiles, needlework and contemporary styles which carried her to a unique style.

Tanya launched her label “Gaga” in 2009. The main aim of Gaga is to spread the message of lovely and happiness through lively spirit of color.

Tanya classic collection was a stylish offering at Lakme Fashion week winter/festive 2012. The designer merged the men’s street wear and traditional ethnic wear and created a different look for women’s wear by the inspiration of achkan and tuxedo. Net was a constant material used in all the garments. Use of vibrant colors like yellow, orange, blue and earthy tones can be seen in her innovation.

Pantone Color Of The Year 2013- Emerald

Pantone, the world’s greatest color forecaster announces “The Color Of The Year” each year which is a critical element for designers in apparel, interior and home furnishing design industries for selecting and specifying color used in the production of textiles and fashion. This year Pantone “ Color Of The Year” title goes to “Emerald”.

It occurs in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green. The Primary hue of emerald is green and it is the most abundant hue in nature. When we see the color emerald it means different things to different people but as we all know it is refreshing and energizing.

It is universally-inspiring tone which brings a sense of clarity, rejuvenation , renewal, hope, confidence, prosperity, luck, peace and new-life. It is also color of unconditional love, beauty, harmony, balance, growth, healing and unity. It gives lots of strength, fertility and power.

Innovate New Designs Using Emerald Color !!!!!1

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

Have you ever thought checks and boxes can create wonders in garments???? That is what Louis Vuitton has done by his endowment. His awesome Spring/summer 2013 women’s wear collection has been a visual extravagance. Use of complete chess board pattern right from garments to shoes and bags was a great creation of LV. Here are the few clicks of his show…

Floral Trends 2013 Spring/Summer Collections

What’s the greatest part about spring? Seeing all the gorgeous, bright, charming, and gentle blooms in our garden! Flowers always make us feel blissful, peaceful and re-energized. The runways this season were a genuine garden, flourishing with every type of flower. As flowers means beauty to the world, the women wearing floral dresses look even more beautiful. From fabulous bright screen print to fine needlework, the flowers are blossoming. Few clicks of Floral Trends 2013

Enjoy the upcoming spring season with Floral Trends!!!!!


The most prettiest and charming wear among the garment section is KIDS WEAR. All kinds of floral prints , cartoon characters , exclusive styles, bright energetic colors  are all used in kids garments only. It would be so interesting to design a kid’s wear. The selection of fabric and its quality is the most important one while designing a kid’s wear because it shouldn’t harm or be inconvenient for the kids in any way. The next factor to be considered is comfortable property. Right from simple night wear to sparkling ethnic wear, we want our little angels and prince to look gorgeous and smart.

According to the color forecast for fall/winter 2012 Kids wear, the colors under this category are dark grey shades, misty blue & light green shades, light blue & turquoise hues, bold pink & purple shades, coral & green undertones, burnt orange & emerald shades.

Here are the some exclusive collections of kid’s fall/winter wear by top designers in the world.

Adorable Blue Berry
Divine Beauty
Graceful and Classy
Seductive Style
Courageous and Awful
Handsome and Perfect
Formal Prince and Casual Princess
No words to express – Little Gorgeous angel
Dazzling – ” It’s time for the Party”
Stunning and Pretty
Cute and Elegant
Romantic and Stunning Look
Great Attitude – Model Perfect
Delightful and Traffic-Stopper
My style My Attitude
Innocence and Angelic – “Mom… how am i looking”
Superb and Magnificient
Resplendent and Splendid
Radiant and Alluring
Hide Fashion – Enticing

Coming Soon with More Collections…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!