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The most prettiest and charming wear among the garment section is KIDS WEAR. All kinds of floral prints , cartoon characters , exclusive styles, bright energetic colors  are all used in kids garments only. It would be so interesting to design a kid’s wear. The selection of fabric and its quality is the most important one while designing a kid’s wear because it shouldn’t harm or be inconvenient for the kids in any way. The next factor to be considered is comfortable property. Right from simple night wear to sparkling ethnic wear, we want our little angels and prince to look gorgeous and smart.

According to the color forecast for fall/winter 2012 Kids wear, the colors under this category are dark grey shades, misty blue & light green shades, light blue & turquoise hues, bold pink & purple shades, coral & green undertones, burnt orange & emerald shades.

Here are the some exclusive collections of kid’s fall/winter wear by top designers in the world.

Adorable Blue Berry
Divine Beauty
Graceful and Classy
Seductive Style
Courageous and Awful
Handsome and Perfect
Formal Prince and Casual Princess
No words to express – Little Gorgeous angel
Dazzling – ” It’s time for the Party”
Stunning and Pretty
Cute and Elegant
Romantic and Stunning Look
Great Attitude – Model Perfect
Delightful and Traffic-Stopper
My style My Attitude
Innocence and Angelic – “Mom… how am i looking”
Superb and Magnificient
Resplendent and Splendid
Radiant and Alluring
Hide Fashion – Enticing

Coming Soon with More Collections…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair style trends for winter 2012

The most important thing which has to be considered along with garments and accessories is the hairstyle that you do. It just depicts the attitude about you. It should add a compliment to the whole things you wear. If dressing up of hair doesn’t fit the style that you wear , then it will destroy the whole look obviously. Any kind of hairstyle right from simple to complex one , it should go along with your style that you wear.

Let us show you some of the current trends of hairstyles and hair color for winter 2012

Some of the hairstyles are

Some of the hair colors in trend now are

Skin care in winter

Put an end to the feel of tan-fading and use the best time to re-vamp your look.

To glow your complexion and healthy skin during winters, perceive what your skin undergoes and jerk a few habits.

Hence look at the beauty tips for the winter season:

  • To protect your skin from foreign elements, use an SPF day care cream.
  • Take in sufficient amount of water everyday.
  • During winter season, try to sup lemon tea.
  • Clinch your beauty sleep of 7 hours if you are unable to manage the full 8 hours /or 9 hours during winter nights.
  • For further protection, use natural sunscreen moisturizers such as aloe vera, cocoa butter and herbal oils.
  • Use E vitaminized lip moisturizing balms.
  • After washing your hands, apply hand lotion.
  • While washing the dishes, do not forget to wear on a rubber glove.
  • During winter avoid vigorous and frequent scrubbing with washcloths, this can damage and create irritation to your dry skin.
  • Give wide berths to tub baths as they cause your skin to dry up.
  • Let your moisturizers, natural soaps or herbal soaps for your skin opted to be dual purposed.
  • Avoid the clay based marks during winter
  • Creams containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids can be used in case of dry skins.
  • Avoid the usage of wet gloves and socks which which can damage and create irritation to your dry skin.
  • Use ice in your mouth to reduce dark circles
  • Use petroleum lip balms and butter to get extra softness and to cure chapped lips.
  • Add a few drops of oil to the water that would be used in bathing to retain the lost moisture