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Many brides choose the summer months of July and August for their wedding with hopes and dreams of a perfect blue sky day to make it a fun-loving and memorable day of their life . The trend sets a set of criteria along with the grandeur  . The criteria would be versatility which tends to be useful to keep the sun from burning your shoulders . Considering silk for the season as  Silk is breathable and will keep the body cooler if the weather gets sticky. Ignore the veil this would increase the level of comfort and make you feel at ease and comfort . 

use of silk makes u feel at heaven

princess cut dress

red princess tube dress


images (3)

The Lady in Red

Summer and Scarf

The scarf is really an underrated accessory. Sure, shoes and bags are great—but is there anything more versatile than a scarf ? With countless ways to wear them and new shapes and styles coming out every season, there’s really a lot to explore and love. Scarf’s are round the clock ready to set a trend during the chase of seasons. A scarf is the cheapest, fastest way to freak up an ordinary shirt, sweater, coat, blouse, jacket, dress – be it anything that you can think of . Everybody’s wearing them with varying ways of perspective. you can give the thing a quick wrap or a sloppy knot but, with very little effort, you can look amazing in just no time!!. One of the fastest, best – and cheapest – ways to add some zing to your look this season is to twist a scarf around your neck. Scarve’s gives you a feel of comfort and a touch of smart fashion sense.  Lightweight, seasonal scarves are everywhere, making the best out of every season

Hayley bird scarf  silver

Hayley bird scarf silver

Hayley bird scarf pink

Hayley bird scarf pink

Hayley bird scarf

Hayley bird scarf

outside-the-box ways to wear your scarf this summer

DIY Turban

DIY Turban

Flight Attendant look

Flight Attendant look

The Second Collar

The Second Collar

The Backward Necktie

The Backward Necktie

Bandana Style

Bandana Style

Spring/ Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

The Fashion Week 2016 trends have an impact on the different runways, from Paris to Milan, New York to London. The trends are expected to be fun, clever and amazing, bringing in the best of the best of changing trends.some amazing trendsetting fashion-

 ♦ Crochet Outerwear

Apparently things can look much better when crochet skirts and tops and jackets are added to the mix, with barely black inner wear’s a contrast against the skin. Crochet is not to be seen very often, well! It can create everlasting designs with a blend of grace.

crochet outwear
crochet outwear

 The Button Look

Buttons always add eternal beauty to most of the outfit’s .use of buttons widely enhances the art of clothing. Buttons appear on side slits on skirts under gorgeous waist cinched tops with contrast stitching .It makes u look more elegant and pleasingly ingenious.

button look
button look

All tied up

One intriguing trend noticed on the catwalk from New York to London, Milan to Paris was the idea that things can be tied up and it will look incredible and grand in the most  simple way. Bows make their appearance while ties  acts as detailing appearing around the waist. A fusion of these creates fashion on air.

Ties magic
Ties magic

♦ The Hourglass Shape

Showing off the waist is the latest trend and it has been in for a while now, despite the oversized garments making their own appearance on the runways. The sculpted hourglass shapes with waists as the focal point are created with belts and accessories as well as the simple cut of the clothing itself. It broadly brings out the feminine personality  .

Hourglass bliss
Hourglass bliss

♦ Gypset for Spring

gypsetting one rather interesting trend for the coming year. It sort of sets of a trend into the current generation spreading a whole range of fusion of ethnic and vintage look with a wide options of catchy colours.




“Jakarta” International Fashion Week 2015 – Indonesia’s Finest Collections

Jakarta Fashion Week is the finest annual vogue show which gives the platform for most of the talented designers and models for their creative brands with unique designs, styles and luxury.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 held between 1st and 7th of November and showcases the best and influential fashion collections of Indonesia.

This International Fashion standard is the peak of Southeast Asia fashion collections and has been acknowledged by Global Fashion Market of Indonesia.

Here are Some Collective Images: Fashion Week 2014



Impending Summer/Resort Vogue Show by Lakme Fashion Week 2014

Lakme Fashion Week Re courses the  Fashion Show which is going to stands out at Mumbai Grand Hyatt Hotel from the summer day of March 12 to March 16. This vogue show adds the mixture of both Indian and all-inclusive flair and announces upraising and emerging accessories and stage one designers who reweighs the future of Fashion!!!!

Registration up to 15th of February.

Summer /Resort Designs 2013






New York Couture Vogue 2014

Couture Fashion Week going to held at New York  on Saturday February 15, 2014,  for an  music evening, high fashion and designs!

Couture Designs

Carnal and Airy Collections:


couture week1


Enchanting Feminine Designs:



The festive will follow the

  • Open bar
  • Scrumptious hors d’oeuvres
  • Live entertainment
  • Red carpet Pix’s – bring your camera!
  • Dress code: Gentlemen: black tie optional.
  • Ladies: cocktail or evening dress. Or Venetian carnival costume. Bring your mask and feathers!
  •  Non-refundable Tickets
  • Please print and bring the tickets that will be emailed to you after you make your purchase
  • Check in for the gala starts at 8:45 pm; second floor: Crystal Ballroom
  • Age 18 and over to attend, age 21 and over to be served alcoholic beverages (ID required)
  • Prize for the best face mask