Go Natural This Season

February 20th, 2012


Following the grand success of Panacea 2010 WTC India is hot on organizing the 2012 version of the all natural exhibition. With Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Egypt, UAE, South Africa, USA, Germany, Poland, France, Kenya, Ghana, Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc taking part in 2010, 2012 is also expected to be grand as ever. Planned to take off on 23rd of Feb at World Trade Centre Complex it is set for public visits from 04.00pm to 07.00pm.

The exhibit is expected to cover Food & Beverages, Raw Material & Ingredients, Personal Care, Processing Equipments/Packaging, Natural Medicinal products, Other Natural Products. Going Natural is paving way for a healthy future comment the organizers. Not only that the number of participating countries is constantly increasing and the willingness for them to promote their brands in Indian sub continent where there is good market scope has also seen a dramatic hike.

With the life standards of the people increased they are paying more attention to the quality and health. The companies have also mended their ways to present the ever changing demands of the consumer section. Making it easier for both the buyers and the companies is this exhibition of all natural products under one roof.



Bafta 2012

February 13th, 2012


Bafta the Oscar equitant in the English lands was another mob pulling event of this year. The red carpet bore ravishing beauties and talents. The winners walked away with pride while the others were contented with walking the red carpet.

Our interests are more focused on the red carpet. Well the lead lady of the Bafta Meryl Streep not only bagged the Bafta but also stunned the on lookers in her plain black full length cling tight attire with subtle detail to her waist line and the sparkle sprinkled over coat with pointy sleeves that added more definition to her otherwise simple dress. She preferred to limit her accessories to a gold ear ring and also a matching clutch to go with her gown.

Jesica drew the attention to herself on the red carpet in her revealing yet sophisticated ankle length free flowing gown. The outfit screamed for attention with its shimmers and the detail on the waist line was most appropriate adding the much needed curve to it. The plunging neckline was adorned with a layered necklace. On the whole Jessica was dressed for the spotlight.

Joanne Foggart dressed in full length plain black small trail dress. The dress itself was very simple high collared and chicly designed with a zipper that ran the whole length of the back. A golden coloured clutch served as the accessory. The loose hair with locks towards the end and bold diamond drop ear rings made up for the glam that lacked in the dress.

Michelle Williams Contrasted in Black and white. The fish cut skirt and the innocent white top was simply finished off with a close necklace also in the same combination. The rose at the waist line and the restricted frills that emanated from the rose to the top added more details to the outfit.

Melissa George also turned out in shimmering black skin tight trailing gown. It takes a lot of confidance to carry out that outfit. She did that pretty well, her make up was also loyal to the dress with well painted eyes and the lip stayed pale. Her pose on the red carpet reminded one of the evil power entrusted in the hands of a beautiful woman. Much attention to the purse and the earring and the ring was paid without overwhelming the dress.

Penelope was a stunner. She set red carpet on fire in her blood red box necked fish cut outfit. As usual she looked as though she dint try too hard to look this gorgeous. Not much jewels as her style states. She strode the red carpet with ease leaving all the men longing for another glance. Her make up stayed simple with her eyes drawing all the attention.

The men all showed off in their coats and formal suits. The heart grabbers were George Cloone and Brad Pitt as expected. George with his easy style and a casual smile stole the red carpet while Brad Pitt claimed it with his charms and the long robe over his coat.


The rest were not much alluring. Most were dressed in blacks which made one wonder if it was a Halloween party. Occasionally spotted few glimmers and shimmers failed to make much impression.

On the whole the Bafta still remains second to the Oscars at least when it comes to style !

BFW Summer/Showers Scorches the Ramp

February 7th, 2012


The hustle and bustle of the tech city stunned every one with its new fashionable avatar. Bangalore Fashion Week 2012 Summer / showers was the most appropriate event to relax the tech struck city. Though not many seemed interested in the happenings the discouraging start gave way for a good show and nice party towards the end. The 4 day event saw 28 designers who adorned the models with their creations to raise the heat on the ramp. A few complains flew around about the music but then the DJs were quick on the beats to set the crowd back to fashion rhythm.

Day 1 started with Pallab Das