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Venus Angelic – Cute Doll

This is Venus, a 15 year old pop star model who dresses as a living doll. At present she is the Internet cult sensation because she resembles a living doll with huge eyes, porcelain skin and white-blonde hair.

Her white make up and powder makes her get a porcelain skin tone and the doll like eyes which are striking, are by the usage of speckled brown contact lenses and also fake lashes.

She opts for pastel colored clothes and is often seen in twee dress designs suited to toddlers.

This cute famous girl is becoming very famous nowadays by gaining enormous popularity on the Internet for her YouTube tutorials on how to look like a living doll. She is living like a doll for the past two years and she has posted more than 100 videos in the YouTube. She teaches the viewers how to use cosmetics to transform into a doll, by uploading her popular videos for make-up tutorials.

Fashion Designer of the year –Scottish Christopher Kane

  • Christopher Kane(born 26 July 1982) ,The London based fashion designer was honored at the country’s most glamorous red carpet event,”The 7th Annual Scottish Fashion Awards” in association with InStyle held at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow.
  • He completed his graduation in central saint Martins College of arts and design. During college, Kane worked for his fellow designers Russell Sage and Giles Deacon and gained attraction by Donatella Versace by winning the Lancôme Colour Award in 2005.
  • In December 2006 Kane was pictured by David Bailey for British Vogue alongside Antony Price, whose 1980′s bombshell evening dresses and voluptuous feminine styles foreshadowed Kane’s bandage-tight tailoring.
  • His first independent show, on 20 September 2006, consisted of super-short bandage dresses in neon shades, after which he became very popular and started on with numbering shows.
  • In 2006 he has received two awards which are:
  • New British Designer of the year 2006, Scottish New Designer of the year 2006
  • Now this young champ was awarded as the fashion designer of the year in Scottish.

Go crazy with piercing trends..

“ Style Mai Rahene Ka “ is what the youth of today follows and believes in….fashion fashion is in mind of all. Hey you fashion freak, piercing which is a part of traditions, goes in the style statement of today. It’s no more just a tradition but a statement for both men and women.

The chicks can go onboard with as many piercing they wish, 3,4,5 don’t keep it simple to just one if u wana follow trends and look sexy. Im sure all you teenagers are set to look different. But make sure it suits you. Nose , lips, eyebrows, naval and chest piercing is also not a bad idea, if you don’t wana limit yourself.
Yes ofcourse, play safe and look sexy, should definitely be your tag line in mind. Don’t cross it.

If you wana go more crazy, try out teeth tattooing. You will look cool with one teeth blinging….in a night club when you smile. You teeth will be BLING ! BLING ! crazy it is ….but I love it..why don’t you try….

Victoria Beckham launches her first “CAR”

Victoria beckham the famous singer turned designer did not stop it all at dresses. Along with her superstar husband, she crosses the boundaries and enters into designing of cars, by creation of Range Rover’s off-road vehicle, the “Evoque”.
With her talent she makes it very simple to say that a designer cannot be classified as an apparel designer or jewelry designer, a really talented designer is the “creator of all”. A creative thought can do anything and that’s what makes a successful designer different from others.
Her new creation is nothing but just what she would want to drive. It’s a creation by just being true to herself. Though it was not easy. This involved a long research work, but just to learn more and know what she want in her car, she strolled down into the knowledge for not only cars, but also old and new, boats, planes, movie stars, different locations etc. thus her inspiration cannot be marked.
She thinks that though women will drive this car, it has a masculine edge and thinks it’s very cool.

The special version “Evoque” is featured with exclusive, hand-finished matt painting, the first for a Land Rover-typed vehicle. The rose gold intonation on the grille and gloss black cast alloy wheels adds to beauty to the vehicle.

On entering, there are two couple seats of vintage-inspired leather, rose gold intonation and pairings of black lacquer, surfaced aluminium and mohair. Adding on, the vehicle has bespoke luxury accessories, as a four-piece leather luggage set, a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual signed by (Victoria) Beckham.

This special version costs 80,000 pounds ($129,000). Only 200 will be produced, the first will be elapsed in China as early as October.

She maintains her policy of limited production in cars also like dresses and her bags, to make her clients feel special as she does not want to get big too quickly.

Does your brand need a celebrity?

The celebrities do really help a brand. Being more certain, the cricket strikers and the gorgeous Bollywood artists occupy the majority part while the rest is filled with famous models and some are chosen based on the theme of the brand. Under all brackets, irrespective of the brand, many are trying to bank on the huge appeal by the celebrities. As shortly as a new face mounts on the popularity chart, advertisers queue up to get them splashed over.

The accruement of celebrity endorsements can be justified by the following advantages that are bestowed on the overall brand:

Establishment of Credibility: Approval of a brand by a star nurtures a sense of trust of that brand among the public, which is true in case of new products.

We had the Shah Rukh-Santro campaign. At launch, Shah Rukh Khan endorsed Santro which created its recognition in the competitive market.

Ensured Attention: Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the bestrews and making the ad and the brand more noticeable.

PR coverage: Being a main reason, Managers discern celebrities as hot topics, which create high PR coverage. A good example of integrated celebrity campaigns is the Spice Girls, one of the World’s leading pop groups, who have not only advertised Pepsi, but also made their presence in product launching and PR events. Indeed, the pairing of celebrity-company as The Spice Girls and Pepsi, are covered by most media from television to newspapers.

Higher degree of recall: People tend to commensurate the personalities endorsing with the brand, which increases the recall value. Golf star Tiger Woods has endorsed American Express, Rolex, and Nike. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones goes on with T-Mobile and Elizabeth Arden. 007 Pierce Brosnan promotes Omega, BMW, and Noreico.

Associative Benefit: A celebrity’s preference for a brand speaks an influential message, ‘As the celebrity benefits of the brand, so do the consumer will also.’

Mitigating a tarnished image: Succeeding the high-pitch worms controversy, Cadbury India wanted to restore the consumer confidence in their products and so appointed Amitabh Bachan to put back their appearance. Last year, when the pesticide issue shook up Coca-Cola and PepsiCo resulting in negative press, both had peak profit damage control advertisement to feature most expensive celebrities. Aamir Khan led the Coke fight back and ensures the product’s purity. Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar together referred to the ‘safety’ of PepsiCo.

Psychographic Connect: Fans generally love and adore their favourite celebrity and using this advertisers use dazzling artists to impact on these feelings to get them inside the brand.

Demographic Connect: Different stars appeal differently based on the demographic segments (age, gender, class, geography etc).

Mass Appeal: Some stars have universal appeal which is proved good and attract masses towards them.

Rejuvenating a stagnant brand: Dabur India roped in Bachan for an estimated Rs 8 crore to intent the imbue of fresh life into the slacking chyawanprash.

Academy awards 2012 !

As the nominees and winners settle down to debate who really deserved to win the Oscars 2012 we are more occupied with who walked the red carpet in style this year.

The Oscar night is when the Hollywood stars shine the brightest. As each one of those stars walked down the red carpet we catch a quick glimpse of their style. First up is the hot Hollywood Pitt pair. Contrary to the expectations the couple failed to get noticed much this year. Jolie turned out in asymmetric gown all in black with what looked like a plain look without jewels. Brad Pitt turned out in his Tux, long hair combed back he was too presentable with Jolie.

Moving over t Clooney and stacy pair. They were complementary o the red carpet. With stacy’s shimmering attire countering clooney’s typical black suit. Stacy’s earring is worth mentioning the collection of diamonds on it was ravishing.

Daring Viola opted to go green this season. The silk and crush combo worked well in her favor. The green earring and the bracelet were not the only accessories; the clutch was also another investment that the Hollywood hotties are ready to make.

Emma stone chose to camouflage with the carpet in her blood red free flowing gown. She resembled a bundle of red roses in that designer wear with a bow at the neck. Her neatly set hair and she over sized bracelet went well with the dress. She was one star who could not have been missed at the Oscars.

J Lo was stunning on the red carpet. In her patterned, shimmering gown with the designs congregating at her waist that dress looked as though it was sued on to her. The patterns were chosen to emphasize her curves which are her pride. J Lo was one actor everybody’s eyes were glued on to. And eyes popped when the actor turned to reveal the designer back.

Not many colours played on the ramp. The ladies chose to go with shades of crème while the guys stuck to the traditional tux. We will later declare the best dressed and the worst dressed on the red carpet after analysis so follow us.




The sweet and spicy year, 2012.. The runway goes hot and spicy unlike before with just solid and flower print stuffs.

This time, it was prints enriched with fruits and vegetables. its awesome to visualize me with fruity cocktail dresses also their scenting perfume when i wear one.

The exhibit of tiny waists in corset crop tops teamed with tulip shaped midi-skirts made the summer pallet goes dynamic.

The fifties returned teens with pretty midi-dresses adorned with colourful foods and vintage style brooches.

The runway Feminine and flirty pieces are made a rally and the ladies will get to play dress up by putting together mixed up with ladylike heels and playful accessories.

Kate Moss attracted the show at Louis Vuitton’s SS12 runway shoe sporting a girly white lace and feathered dress, a cutesy hair band and ladylike shoes.

River Island has a new eye catching collection with trendy sleeves with embellished corset and pencil skirt set that clutches the sexy silhouettes viewed on the runway. People go high to look high class.

Bloomers during these earlier days are not meant to be worn by grans, patterned bloomer shorts are coupled with matching corset tops and tough accessories for perfect looks

With accessories wicker basket handbags and pasta shape accessories look glamorous.

Fashion for 2012 is hedonistic to the majority. So don’t panic to encounter all your favourite looks instantly.

Garment association (SIGA) seeks removal of excise duty

The readymade garment industry has been protesting for quite a long time now, against the negative impact they see because the impact of excise duty on readymade garments industry, this has been a big obstacle in the growth of the industry. With lights of hope the South India Garment Association has sent a memorandum to R S Gujral, Revenue Secretary, and Textile as well as Medium & Small industry Ministry, to seek government’s attention for the revival of the apparel industry and reconsidering the policy.

Kundan Jain, President, South India Garment Association said, “Tariff value for RMG falling under the chapters 61, 62 and 63 has been fixed at 45 per cent of MRP.

The manufacturers faced hard time due to rise in the whole sale price. This is making them loose business so the associates want the government to understand the loose for the industry an remove this tax under the above mentioned chapters enabling the industry to pay excise duty only on the transaction value of the garments.

The blast in designer wear industry

Research show that there is potential growth in the designer wear industry with an annual growth rate of 40 % the booming designer wear industry in India is likely to cross Rs 11,000 crore mark by 2020,  currently we are at about Rs 720 crore, according to a study titled ‘Trends in Indian Designer Wear Industry’ released by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

“The designer wear industry in India is driven by the force by higher disposable incomes contributing in rising the purchasing power and along with that the contribution is from the emerging trends of mall in our cities. This trend has also helped in the growth of fashion consciousness among the crowd.

With the increas in these trend and fashion awareness we see many increments and how more and more people are opting for branded products and they portray a clear picture of how much they in love with designer wear. As its unique and one of a kind, with very rare repeats. It highlights your personality.

Besides, rapidly growing popularity of boutiques selling designer and local wear showcasing finished and ready-to-stitch garments and trendy dress material is another growth driver for designer wear industry.

Then the next contributor for blast of designer industry is the film industry which is all about branded cloths and designer wear being exhibition by the individuals every day, and followers love to follow the trend.

“Currently India’s share in the global designer wear industry is a minimal 0.32 per cent but is likely to reach about 1.7 per cent by 2020,”

As we see a huge potential the ASSOCHAM plans and advices the fashion design institutes to concentrate on the designers who will contribute and work for making India the fashion capital of the world.

According to a recent ASSOCHAM survey nearly 35 per cent of male and over half of female shoppers in urban India prefer shopping at retail outlets which are one-stop shopping destination as one can find almost all the leading local and international brands under one roof. Besides, nearly 40 per cent of working couples prefer buying designer wear for their kids.

But before the designers move ahead , they tend to step back because of a major problem they face of plagiarism, as designs get copied and thus more and more fashion designers have started seeking copyright protection and are getting their designs registered.