India’s top influencers reveal what goes behind dressing up for the front row at a fashion show

Dressing up for the front row at a fashion show involves careful consideration of fashion, style, and personal branding. Top influencers in India often curate their looks to reflect their unique identities while staying on-trend. Here are some insights into what might go behind their fashion choices:

  1. Research and Trend Analysis: Influencers often research upcoming fashion trends, designer collections, and event themes to align their outfits with the latest styles.
  2. Personal Branding: Influencers aim to maintain a consistent personal brand. Their front-row outfits reflect their individual style, which their followers recognize and appreciate.
  3. Designer Collaborations: Some influencers collaborate with designers to wear their creations. This can help showcase the designer’s work while allowing the influencer to stand out in a unique ensemble.
  4. Statement Pieces: Front-row outfits might feature statement pieces such as bold accessories, unique footwear, or eye-catching outerwear that grab attention and enhance the overall look.
  5. Mixing High and Low Fashion: Influencers often blend high-end designer pieces with high-street fashion finds to create eclectic and accessible outfits.
  6. Attention to Detail: Influencers pay attention to small details like hair, makeup, and accessories to ensure a polished and cohesive appearance.
  7. Staying True to Their Aesthetic: While influencers experiment with trends, they also maintain their personal aesthetic, allowing them to connect with their audience authentically.
  8. Social Media-Ready Looks: Front-row outfits are often chosen with the understanding that they will be photographed and shared on social media platforms. The outfits need to look visually appealing both in person and in photos.
  9. Cultural and Regional Influences: Indian influencers may incorporate traditional or regional elements into their outfits to celebrate their heritage.
  10. Comfort: Despite the glamorous setting, influencers prioritize comfort, especially considering they might spend several hours at the fashion show.
  11. Supporting Local Designers: Many Indian influencers take pride in promoting local designers and brands, showcasing the rich diversity of Indian fashion.
  12. Networking and Building Relationships: Dressing up for fashion shows is not only about the outfit but also about networking with designers, fellow influencers, and industry professionals.
  13. Expressing Creativity: Front-row outfits allow influencers to express their creativity and push fashion boundaries, contributing to the excitement of the event.

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