Victoria Beckham launches her first “CAR”

Victoria beckham the famous singer turned designer did not stop it all at dresses. Along with her superstar husband, she crosses the boundaries and enters into designing of cars, by creation of Range Rover’s off-road vehicle, the “Evoque”.
With her talent she makes it very simple to say that a designer cannot be classified as an apparel designer or jewelry designer, a really talented designer is the “creator of all”. A creative thought can do anything and that’s what makes a successful designer different from others.
Her new creation is nothing but just what she would want to drive. It’s a creation by just being true to herself. Though it was not easy. This involved a long research work, but just to learn more and know what she want in her car, she strolled down into the knowledge for not only cars, but also old and new, boats, planes, movie stars, different locations etc. thus her inspiration cannot be marked.
She thinks that though women will drive this car, it has a masculine edge and thinks it’s very cool.

The special version “Evoque” is featured with exclusive, hand-finished matt painting, the first for a Land Rover-typed vehicle. The rose gold intonation on the grille and gloss black cast alloy wheels adds to beauty to the vehicle.

On entering, there are two couple seats of vintage-inspired leather, rose gold intonation and pairings of black lacquer, surfaced aluminium and mohair. Adding on, the vehicle has bespoke luxury accessories, as a four-piece leather luggage set, a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual signed by (Victoria) Beckham.

This special version costs 80,000 pounds ($129,000). Only 200 will be produced, the first will be elapsed in China as early as October.

She maintains her policy of limited production in cars also like dresses and her bags, to make her clients feel special as she does not want to get big too quickly.

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