Victory secret fashion made fashion world impressive. The 3D computer printed fashion showcase had made the fashion world to step up to higher level.

Swarovski crystal brand has gone to the extreme line in crystal design.“THE LINGERIE BRAND HAS INTRODUCED NEW 3D PRINT”WITH “MODEL LINDSAY ELLINGSON”


The theme of the showcase will be like a fairytale where Lindsay Ellingson, Other models will be wear icy type of costumes. Through 3D print technology,made Ellingson 3D scan for perfect figure for the costume. With Swarovski crystals, beautiful wings, crown, and other geometric figures also created

Next time we have planned to create the geometric type costume character in 3D TECHNOLOGY with motif that as encrusted with millions of illuminating Swarovski crystals. This year, some of 20 custom creations were modeled by some of Victoria’s Secrets’ famous Angels

While making 3D design

victoria-secret-3d-printing-1 c

“3D printed technology design made a name to the famed “VICTORIA’S SECRET WINGS, 3D printing had given idea for the designers now designers also can create and showcase their collection in 3D designs” told by Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO, and Shapeways.

Swarovski has been giving stunning glamour to the celebrities’ fashion show from 2002 by the Swarovski crystal brand that adorn the costumes, jewellery and accessories by Nicholas Kirkwood. Swarovski has been worked hard for 100 years and we have found their services, innovations and especially a product to the marketplace. Told by Alexander Wellhoefern, senior vice president and Swarovski North America

This year the corset was exactly designed for Ellingson to goal the 3D scan of her. The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Show will be telecast in CBS on Dec 10

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