Rang De Korea: India Hosts First-Ever Hanbok Fashion Show Supported by Korea Culture Diplomatic Mission

Rang De Korea was India’s first-ever Hanbok fashion show, which was supported by the Korea Culture Diplomatic Mission. The event was held in Delhi, India on December 13, 2019, and showcased the traditional Korean fashion and culture. The show was attended by over 300 people, including dignitaries from the South Korean embassy, media personnel, fashion designers, and fashion enthusiasts. Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress which is made up of two pieces of clothing – the jeogori (jacket) and the baji (trousers). The jeogori is fastened with a wrap-around belt called the durumagi and the baji is secured with a drawstring. The fabrics used for making Hanbok range from light cotton to heavy silk and the colors used are typically bright and vivid. The clothing style is characterized by vibrant colors and bold patterns. The fashion show featured an array of colorful Hanbok garments for both men and women, ranging from traditional court attire to modern casual wear.

Rang De Korea

The garments showcased the exquisite craftsmanship of the traditional Korean costume, from intricate embroidery to delicate lace. The models displayed the vibrant colors and bold patterns of the Hanbok with grace and style. The event was a celebration of the Korean culture, as well as a platform for promoting cultural exchange between India and South Korea. It provided an opportunity for Indian fashion designers to learn about the traditional Korean dress and gain insights into the country’s culture. The show also highlighted the growing trend of cultural exchange between countries and the importance of understanding different cultures. The fashion show was the first of its kind in India and was a great success. It was well-received by the audience and the Korean embassy commended the initiative. The event was a great way to promote Korean culture in India and to bring the two countries closer together. It was a unique way to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the traditional Korean dress, while also promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

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