As the nominees and winners settle down to debate who really deserved to win the Oscars 2012 we are more occupied with who walked the red carpet in style this year.

The Oscar night is when the Hollywood stars shine the brightest. As each one of those stars walked down the red carpet we catch a quick glimpse of their style. First up is the hot Hollywood Pitt pair. Contrary to the expectations the couple failed to get noticed much this year. Jolie turned out in asymmetric gown all in black with what looked like a plain look without jewels. Brad Pitt turned out in his Tux, long hair combed back he was too presentable with Jolie.

Moving over t Clooney and stacy pair. They were complementary o the red carpet. With stacy’s shimmering attire countering clooney’s typical black suit. Stacy’s earring is worth mentioning the collection of diamonds on it was ravishing.

Daring Viola opted to go green this season. The silk and crush combo worked well in her favor. The green earring and the bracelet were not the only accessories; the clutch was also another investment that the Hollywood hotties are ready to make.

Emma stone chose to camouflage with the carpet in her blood red free flowing gown. She resembled a bundle of red roses in that designer wear with a bow at the neck. Her neatly set hair and she over sized bracelet went well with the dress. She was one star who could not have been missed at the Oscars.

J Lo was stunning on the red carpet. In her patterned, shimmering gown with the designs congregating at her waist that dress looked as though it was sued on to her. The patterns were chosen to emphasize her curves which are her pride. J Lo was one actor everybody’s eyes were glued on to. And eyes popped when the actor turned to reveal the designer back.

Not many colours played on the ramp. The ladies chose to go with shades of crème while the guys stuck to the traditional tux. We will later declare the best dressed and the worst dressed on the red carpet after analysis so follow us.

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