Chandigarh’s Budding Designers Shine at International Fashion Shows

Designers shine

Chandigarh, the capital of the two states of Punjab and Haryana, is known for its fashion scene. The city is home to many budding designers who have made a mark in the fashion industry at both national and international levels. Recently, several of these talented designers showcased their collections at various prestigious fashion events around the world. One of these events was the Amazon India Fashion Week which was held at the New Delhi in October 2016. Several designers from Chandigarh presented their collections at this event which was attended by top fashion industry stalwarts and celebrities. The collections ranged from chic to quirky, featuring intricate embroidery and lively colors. Some of the designers from Chandigarh who showcased their collections at this event included Anu Ahuja, Monica Sharma, and Yamini Sharma. Another fashion event which saw the participation of designers from Chandigarh was the International Fashion Show held in Singapore in January 2017.

Designers shine
Designers shine

The event was attended by fashion enthusiasts from all over the world, and the collections showcased at the show were praised by the audience. The collections featured bright colors and vibrant prints and were inspired by traditional Indian motifs. Some of the designers from Chandigarh who showcased their collections at this event included Neeraj Bhalla, Sanjay Arora and Diksha Bijlani. Chandigarh’s fashion industry is also flourishing at the local level. The city has a vibrant fashion scene, with many fashion shows and events being organized in the city.

These events provide a platform for the budding designers from Chandigarh to showcase their collections in front of a large audience. The designers from Chandigarh are also making a mark in the international fashion industry with their unique and creative collections. This has helped in promoting the fashion industry in Chandigarh and has also increased the visibility of the city’s fashion scene. Chandigarh is home to many talented designers who are making a mark in the fashion industry both nationally and internationally. These designers are helping to promote the fashion industry in Chandigarh and are also bringing the city’s fashion scene to the forefront. The upcoming fashion shows in the city will surely provide more opportunities for these designers to showcase their creativity and talent.

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