First 3d tech based fashion show

An upcomming fashion designer, Alisha Ramadan recently displayed 15 pieces from the latest collection in a 3d fashion show Mumbai. “Ariel 3D Active” was launched at Dubai had a bizzare opening. Media Representative of about 150 from 40 countries gathered at P&G’s to enjoy the innovative 3D technology.

The Guests of the two day ceremony at Dubai were allowed to view the first 3D fashion show in the region.June Ambrose, well known for her designing work mainly with P. Diddy, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall and other stars, came all the way from New York to meet Alisha Ramadan for the Ariel 3D Active launch event.

Fusing powdery tones and romantic cuts, Ramadan’s latest spring/summer 2012 collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre – The Power of Powder” took to the catwalk in 3D.

Ramadan recently displayed 15 pieces from the latest collection that will be showcased in October this year.

Everything in the fashion show was virtual and animated from the catwalk, to the models and Ramadan greeting people on the runway, as well as the virtual kisses and rose petals, which took the viewers by surprise. These elements created depth and excitement.

The managing director and partner of the local company Air, which raised the 3D fashion show, said: “We looked to create something that’s never been produced to our knowledge in the region or in the world. We took and we built a virtual catwalk and put 3D stereoscopic models on it. We produced something which everybody found inspiring.”

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