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Its the eco friendly epoch

What's up with these "eco-fashions" I keep hearing about?

This is what I always wondered before I found about it. It is simple as it sounds. The use of environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques for making garments and other fashion elements.

eco-fashions as clothes
  • The nonprofit Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP) defines eco-fashions as clothes "that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry."

  • They use organic raw material means cotton fabric without pesticide. Re cycled material like plastic for old bottles are other elements used for eco friendly fabrics.

  • No addition of harmful colours and bleach in eco friendly fabrics.

cotton fabric
  • It was new York from where this eco friendly concept started through a fashion show held in 2005 by a nonprofit organization Earth Pledge and retail brand Barneys . The show was known as Future Fashion.

  • It was a boom of creativity. Designers used fabrics and materials including hemp, recycled poly, bamboo, sea cell, soya and sasawashi. It is crazy to imagine but the fabrics actually were gorgeous.

  • There is lately discovered a linen-like fabric made from a Japanese leaf that contains anti-allergen and anti-bacterial properties.
eco friendly fashion
  • Today brands like Lifestyle, Benetton, Arrow, Van Heusen and Wills are into eco friendly fashion besides various designers like Anita Dongre introduced eco friendly dresses with label Grassroot, in 2007.

  • Even the jeans will soon be eco friendly, with lewis launch of organic jeans in United State and soon to be launched in India. Where fabric will be made of natural dyes and organic cotton while coconut shell will be used to button.

  • Our designers have already taken a step forward by wearing eco friendly now its time for others. Lecoanet Hemant have branched into a range of ayurvedic clothes and designer Joyjit Talukdar wears clothes that won't harm Mother Earth for his brand Ela.

planting and harvesting a t-shirt
  • Latest invention for eco friendly fashion had been by a designer from Italy who came up with the concept of "RIGHT AS RAIN". It's a unique concept of planting and harvesting a t-shirt. Where the nature prints the t-shirt and no chemicals are used. The garment is planted under the ground for 2 -3 months, harvested and dried. Ready to wear. It becomes one of a kind depending on the weather condition and soil type. The only point of consideration here is not to use any synthetic material. An organic silk of highest equality will be a good option.

  • Eco fashion is expensive, but our earths safety is valuable.

Take a step forward.go green, save our mother land is the main concept behind this invention of the term "eco friendly fashion"

Posted March 05, 2012