The excitement, pay and high profile associated with modeling has made it a much sought after Option amongst young Indians .Though earlier it was predominantly female dominated, men can also find more opportunities these days.


While attractive facial features and a well- proportioned body are definitely on the list, it takes all that and much more to be a successful model and make it big in the industry.

It involves as much hard-work, intelligence and talent as the GLAMOUR that comes with it.

A pleasing personality and good communication skills are needed as there will be interaction with various kinds of people. A good network and developing the right contacts play a key role in surviving and succeeding in this profession.

You must be independent and ready to travel wherever the job takes you.

Physical and personal attributes are more important than an educational qualification in this field.

To start with, you will need a kickass Portfolio done by a professional photographer and the right MODELLING AGENCY.

IF you want to be a model because it's glamorous, lucrative and easy money then you can't be more wrong.

Most people are unaware of the hard work behind the scene. You will need passion, perseverance and inspiration to deal with all the challenges and rejection that you may face during the initial phase.

How much do I get paid?

While it is known to be a lucrative job, the initial pay scale may not be too high. But if you play your cards right, then there's no stopping you, as the fashion and ad industries are always on the lookout for fresh faces and talent.

Being represented by a legitimate agency is priceless for new and upcoming models. They can give you the guidance you need, ensure that you get the pay you deserve and give you the exposure you need for job opportunities.

Types of modeling

Print, ramp, television, showroom modeling are a broad classification.

Now days', modeling is no longer just for the tall and slim. The uniqueness of every body shape and face has begun to find its place in the modeling arena.

  • Fashion modeling

    For most people, word 'model' immediately triggers an image of a long-legged woman walking the ramp .This is the most challenging and sought after kind. These models are used to show off a particular type of fashion like clothes or accessories, in the best possible way. The height Requirement is at least 5'8 and a slim body type for women and 5'11 for men. This involves an Enormous effort and dedication towards maintaining the body and skin with diet and exercise. It requires a certain grace and poise while showcasing the products.
  • Glamour modeling

    If you think you have a stunning face, enviable hair, a reasonably fit body and are not afraid to show it off then this job is for you. There are no strict height and weight requirements as in Fashion modeling. You can find these gorgeous women in swimsuit calendars, Men's Magazines, advertisements for health and beauty products and other commercial uses. Of course, nudity is not mandatory and you can choose to show off only as much skin as you're comfortable with or even do just FACE MODELING. This could however restrict your job offers.
  • Petite modeling

    While tall and slender is often associated with a model, the scene is slowly changing. Petite models with a height lesser than even 5'5 inches have managed to be successful models. Many successful celebrities such as Eva Longoria are in fact on the shorter side. They have good opportunities in make -up ads, garment, swimsuit and lingerie modeling. They can also be fit and showroom models which don't require the height of runway models.
  • Plus sized models

    If you're big made, beautiful and thinking of modeling, the n you're at the right time in the fashion history. Plus sized models are appreciated and in demand all over the world from runway models to stores with plus sized divisions. India has been catching on to the trend. Lakme held the first auditions for plus sized mean and women with over 160 participants from all over the country. The idea that high-fashion wear should be made for every day consumers and not limited to a small size range has slowly started setting in .
  • Character or real people modeling

    Age, height or size cannot stop you from becoming a model any longer! Such opportunities are found in commercials, print and for any product ad which does not involve high fashion.

Modeling in India

With skin colors ranging from flawless porcelain to beautiful dusky, lustrous black hair and big beautiful eyes India has an abundance of already blooming as well as potential models.

There is also a good scope for this profession. With expansion of consumerism, models are in demand to represent a wide range of products in the fashion and advertisement industries.

Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are the modeling hubs with some of the top ten agencies in the country. They also have some great modeling schools for training. Other major cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmadabad also have plenty of opportunity for upcoming models. The modeling schools provide courses in make- up style, diet and exercises to maintain body weight, skin etc. Sometimes Modeling assignments are also a part of the training.

As a beginner the initial pay could be Rs10-15000 per show on an average depending on the type of modeling and the designer you are working with. But well established models can earn up to 2 – 5 lakhs per advertisement.

Female models usually get paid higher than their male counterparts.

However it is a highly competitive and short lived career and the money may not be steady.

At the end of the day , your success comes down to how balanced you are during the ups and downs in your career and your determination and passion in getting to the place you want to be without getting dejected by the competition or stress.

Top 4 fashion Hubs for Aspiring Models in the Country

Modeling is no longer looked down upon as a career option for young girls and boys wanting to step into the world of fashion and glamour. A Promising a career filled with fame, money and a luxurious lifestyle has lead to this change in attitude. An increase in the number of platforms for enthusiastic models to showcase their talent and an exposure to the international fashion scene are also some additional perks.
The title 'Global fashion capital' is no longer just for New York, Paris or London and is slowly sharing its glory with the Indian cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, as their presence gets bolder in the international fashion scenario. They were identified as one of the 16 major fashion cities by the FIT, New York's most recognized fashion museum.
Top cities to keep an eye on, if you want you kick start your modeling career.


Delhi's journey to become one of the most exquisite destinations for fashion and creativity in the country today, started with the establishment of NIFT about three decades ago. It has a set of individuals with their own unique blend of style and design, taking inspiration from global trends as well as our own exquisite culture. Some of the best modeling agencies in the country are from Delhi and Bombay. A couple of them can also be found at Bangalore.


Bombay's bollywood driven style, rich with glamour and glory makes it stand apart in the fashion world. It houses many prominent fashion gurus and some of the top actress- turned models. In fact, a modeling career in the city is often seen as a prospective ticket to bollywood. Bombay also boasts of some renowned modeling schools which provide training and internships opportunities.


Though not as internationally prominent as Bombay or Delhi, Bangalore is not very far from becoming a fashion capital and is in fact referred to as the global fashion hub by many. Always up to date with current Indian and international trends and the host of an important fashion week in the country, the city is a delight for fashion conscious youngsters and aspiring models and has attracted some prominent designers with its booming fashion and modeling industry.


Though Chennai has some catching up to do in the fashion arena, it has its fair share of upcoming and established fashion designers who have carved out a niche for themselves with their distinct style. If you're not dreaming of making it big in Bollywood or becoming the next Miss World, but just looking for a place to flaunt your talent and looks or enter the national fashion scene you can be sure to find the break you need in Chennai. Even if you're looking to do some part time or weekend modeling, there is no dearth of modeling agencies or workshops in the city. Besides, fashion and modeling are not necessarily synonyms. Chennai has a versatile requirement for models of all ages depending on the subject of the product to be promoted. From print or still modeling, TV commercials or catalogues, body parts modeling, face modeling, clothing and accessories or acting you can choose the area you like. All you need to do is find a reputed modeling agent and get yourself an impressive portfolio to kick start your modeling career!

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