Portfolio Charges

Note: Portfolio charges listed on this page are for information purpose only. We at amazing models don't recommend any particular photographer nor do we provide portfolio services. It's the duty of the model to research before going with an agency or photographer for portfolio shoots.

Theamazingmodels.com now makes the work of all the models registering with us easier. We believe that the most important step for the beginning of the models career is having a good portfolio in hand and then a reliable agency to start with. The agency does not know you or understand you, what they see is your work which you show them to prove yourself. First impression is the last impression here. After this comes the hard work and determination of the models.

So here we provide you with the facility of creating your own portfolio with suggestive prices. We will provide you information about various packages and the best photographers to take your shoot.

We are not only limited to the models, even the designers can contact us if they want to have a shoot of their collection. We suggest you to select the photographer from our exclusive list of photographers around india. We don't recommend any particular photographer, It is your duty to research and select the right photographer for you. The ambience desired shall be set by the concerned client in discussion with the photographer.

4 Looks: Rs 18700 (1/2 day shoot)

7 Looks: Rs 38000 (1 days shoot)