Modeling Agencies Reviews

Subject : Excellent Agency
Comments : anagement a management agency I work for . I was 14 when I was spotted by this agency in a shopping mall and it was that time they offered me to join them, it was the best opportunity I got which is the reason for my success .Today I have worked for ad campaigns, magazines and even run way shoes. Success is sure once you are a member of area management agency. I would recommend all want be models to try if they can become members here, which is as hard as getting the first contract for a show, as one has to meet there standards to join them...
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Posted by :Angel
Date :2011-09-26 09:30:22

Subject : Sucessful career from confidence model manage
Comments : e place from where I started to work for my dreams to come true of being a model and walk the ramp for famous designers. Life has completely changed. It’s just about fun, glamour and hard work…..with support from my agency whenever I need. It’s very necessary for a model to register with a good and successful agency to have a successful career ahead so that we get nice opportunities and clients and here I am...
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Posted by :bionin
Date :2011-09-26 09:39:16

Subject : An agency we can trust
Comments : th super models will be like a dream for every model as a beginner. And my dream was true with the help of this agency. I was 13 when I joined them and was 19years when I got the opportunity to walk the ramp along with the super model who are our idols. The warmth behavior which we see here, the working method, professionalism, the value of time of others are the major cause that once you join this agency, you will ever quit...
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Posted by :emily
Date :2011-09-26 09:41:18

Subject : Hopes and Dreams for me
Comments : this agency in magazines, the feedback sounds really good and attractive. They have given me high hopes and dreams. I can imagine myself among the top models soon if I join with them. The way they have published themselves is really creative. Hoping to join them please let me know if anyone thinks it’s not the right step I am heading towards...
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Posted by :jayden
Date :2011-09-26 09:42:59

Subject : sensual
Comments : looking but I draw and sensual I really wanted to become a photo model although many people found it impossible I'm optimistic thank you..
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Posted by :aben pasa pratama
Date :2013-01-17 10:10:47

ModelAndTalent Services Int.
Subject : fashion
Comments : il pandith from srinagar jammu and kashmir ..wanna bcme a good model..
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Posted by :Adilpandith
Date :2013-01-20 07:10:10

XistanZ Model Management
Subject : fashion n modelling
Comments : dil pandith frm kashmir ...i wana bcm a good model..
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Posted by :Adilpandith
Date :2013-01-24 22:33:24

Subject : moddling
Comments : is moddling..
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Posted by :Waseem
Date :2016-05-15 00:51:10

Subject : Register for Professional Artist and Casting
Comments : Biggest Portal For Artist(Actor, Model, Singer ,Dancer) and Casting Directors, we give opportunities to make career in film Industry...
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Posted by :Lalith Gupta
Date :2016-06-14 06:20:15

Subject : huyGLuNbZpTAIFxzYrY
Comments : t - your answer solved all my prolbmes after several days struggling..
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Posted by :Trix
Date :2011-05-12 00:09:50