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Fashion Intellect Quiz

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    Heyy People, do you think your FASHION SENSE is up-to-date??? Well then, here's your chance to prove it to us! Take our "Fasion Intellect Quiz" and check out where you stand! One you're done click "Submit Quiz". Ready 1 2 3!

      1. This was the first brand to start the trends 'Jeans'?

        Levi Strauss
        Pepe jeans

      2. Which city starts of the 'Fashion Month' with its Fashion Week?

        New York

      3. What is 'Coco Chanel' real name?


      4. Which city is the current fashion capital of the world?

        New York
        Los Angeles

      5. What was the symbol of the 'Power Dressing' in the 80's?

        Elbow length Gloves
        Shoulder Pads
        High waisted belts

      6. Diane Von Furstenberg famous wrap dress will now appear on Barbie dolls? ?


      7. Every season, no matter what themed fashion show, Valentino will send what colour dress down the runway?


      8. Who created the mini skirt and made it popular?

        Mary Quant
        Coco Chanel
        Vivienne Westwood
        Paul Gaultier

      9. The LBD strands for Little Black Dress created by whom?

        Mary Quant
        Coco Chanel
        Christian Dior

      10. What does haute couture mean?

        High Fashion
        Ready to wear
        Mass produced
        Exquisite garment

      11.Who is the famous American Female Fashion icon of the 1960's?

        Audrey Hepburn
        Jacqueline Kennedy
        Diana Princess of Wales

      12. What does prĂȘt a porter mean?

        Mass Produced
        Haute Couture
        Ready to Wear
        High Fashion

      13. Which famous hairstyle of a TV comedy series got more than a million look alike copies?

        Jean Harlow
        Audrey Hepburn
        Jennifer Aniston

      14. Which decade did tights become a staple in a women's wardrobe?


      15. Who is the main designer at Chanel since the 1980's?

        Thomas Burberry
        Karl Lagerfeld
        Christopher Bailey

      16. Who is the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue?

        Anna Wintour
        Amy Astley
        Carine Roitfeld
        Stella McCartney

      17. What type of fabrics are Velvet and Corduroy?

        Cotton weaved fabrics
        Pile fabrics
        Suede Fabrics
        Denim fabrics

      18. Which famous fashion designer will not use leather and animal products in her collection?

        Anna Sui
        Katherine Hamnet
        Stella McCartney
        Paul Gaultier

      19. Which is the most famous 1950's Hermes Handbag named after an actress?

        Kelly Bag
        Birken bag

      20. Which model slipped while walking a Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show in high platform heeled shoes?

        Claudia Schiffer
        Kate Moss
        Sophie Dahl
        Naomi Campbell

      21. Which 20th century film icon had her stilettos heels of her shoes adjusted so that she can sway her hips easily?

        Marilyn Monroe
        Audrey Hepburn

      22. Who was the 1980's and 1990's fashion icon also known as the "Clothes Horse Ambassadress of Fashion?

        Diana Princess of Wales
        Katherine Duchess of England

      23. How long has the Miss World beauty competition been running?

        Since 1945
        Since 1985
        Since 1951
        Since 1974

      24. What was the name of the soft shawl with the small tassels at the ends which became popular around the 1997?


      25. Which famous Italian Fashion Designer was shot dead in the 1990's?

        Donna Karen
        Louis Vuitton
        John Galliano
        Gianni Versace