General Tips

General Tips

Modeling is a field of beauty and passion and they promote fashion in a most beautiful way. Today everyone looks for a new fashion and they look for different varieties and if any new fashion gets popular it is because of the models. So as a model we should be strict in our diet chart and follow a healthy life practices to make ourselves stylish and glamour. Different types of modeling exists and each types need some body structure, looks etc and if you are a fashion model the walk, style and your pose speaks more. Is your dream to become a successful model? And then follow some tips that make you a best model in the modeling field

      modeling tips

  • Posing is the best way of attraction. So when posing don't hold your breath, have a breath with ease and be comfortable with yourself.
  • Wash and rub your face with ice cubes and do it daily once to get a fresh glowing skin
  • Have a diet plan with calorie less food and also be sure that it does not spoil your health.
  • Expressions is your strength, so spend some time in front of the mirror and develop the expression skills.
  • Hair style can make a desperate difference, so keep your hair healthy by regular hair conditioning treatments.
  • Look great and show your best asset with great confidence and exercise twice a week to keep yourself shape.
  • Apply sunscreen lotions and use shower gels to keep your body free from dirt's and have a good undisturbed sleep
  • Prefer a beauty care products that do not harm you and get your eyebrows shaped regularly.
  • Having oil massage once in a week is good. It reduces your stress and keep your skin firm and flexible.
  • If you are a male model, get into a most possible shape and being toned and fit is your plus.

Attractive personality, good physic and stylish hair are the features of models. Healthy food practices, exercises, yoga practices keeps your health and mind fit. Have a balanced diet with good sleep and be the best model in your field.

Top Spas around the world

After a tiresome week's work, you can easily get relaxed in a spa salon and experience the richness of the services that spas usually offer, they are always a relaxing, rejuvenating and renewing experience – definitely both for the body and the soul. Usually the spa destination has to be chosen keeping in mind many factors.

Factors for choosing a Spa
  • Has aromatic mineral pools
  • Has a private area
  • It is candlelit
  • Also has the choice of massage terraces

Spas are ready to give you the best of services at mostly every location. You surely wouldn't want to waste your money but at the same time would desire for the best of services after splurging the required bucks.

Idaho: Coeur d'Alene Resort

The spa is all circumscribed by waterfalls, fountains and lake views and this view is possible from every window you look from. It has waterbeds side-by-side which also acts as a massage table. The crackling fireplace helps to keep you cozy and warm. Pure Essence Shower is the one signature treatment with the help of water. The spa treatments are available from $25–$185, whereas a 5- hour rejuvenation package starts at $420.

Tucson: Starr Pass

This bright Hashani Spa at located at Tucson's newest resort overlooks the Tucson Mountain Park. This spa is totally secluded in the Sonoran Desert borders Saguaro National Park. Moving out of here you would land in a cactus forest. Cupping Therapy (coming at $125) is a signature treatment here using glass suction cups for eliminating toxins, improving circulation, and relieving pain. It completely relaxes you and de-stresses you. The spa treatments are ranging from $30–$220. and rooms are available at $149/night.

Prague: Mandarin Oriental

This was built in the 14th century – captures the perfect mood, creates the best atmosphere and augments the beauty. There are Linden trees – the honey-scented blossoms and heart-shaped leafs are a special attraction. There is a Linden Blossom Scrub (coming at $45) which will follow by a steaming pot of Linden blossom tea. The spa treatments are ranging from $45–$175 and a 6-hr body treatment starts at $750.

Los Angeles: Sofitel

This spa has individual tea service, brings in products from Paris Decleor and Carita, have facility for heated-rock foot soaks and foot massages prior to any treatment. The Winter's decadent Treatment of the Season is a dark chocolate and champagne mask coupled with a peppermint milk bath (for 150 minutes at $295. The treatment of the spa starts from $40 and goes up to $295.

Arán Valley: La Pleta

This is a calming, aromatic adobe for those who want to relax. Being surrounded by flickering candles they create a mysterious atmosphere. The Essence of Cassis Massage (coming at $127) is a luxurious spa treatment. The treatments start at $32 and ends at $177.

Los Cabos:

Las Ventanas al Paraiso – This is an ultra-exclusive retreat, take advantage for the private treatments in the suite or private terrace, beach cabana, or the spa's outdoor desert garden. Spa treatments range from $22–$360.

Ojai, California:

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa – This historic Spanish-style spa-resort is an apt cozy, romantic hideaway. The spa treatments come at the range between $15–$260.

Atlanta: Inter-Continental Buckhead

The attractive attraction of the spa is the 3-hour Ultimate Fitness and Wellness Experience (coming at $330) – including a 30-minute facial, a massage for an hour, a 30-minute body polish and an hour-long personal training session.

Vail Valley Beaver Creek

The Ginger Peach Deluxe Massage (at $215) uses freshly ground ginger, orange peel, raw sugar, honey, and essential nut oils. This makes a sumptuous scrub. The spa treatments range from $120–$215.

Turks and Caicos,The Palms

This spa is surrounded by peaceful, torchlit pools. Apt for meditation purposes. The 30-minute Mother-of-Pearl Full-Body Exfoliation at $85 will make you all the more rejuvenated.

Six Senses Destination spa

Recently opened, this spa in Phuket, Thailand, has treatments from around the world and is luxurious but simple in design, laid out in the style of a village.

Kalari Kovilakom

This spa in Kerala, India, is set in a former palace, and features an ashram and an Ayurvedic hospital too

Look pretty in photos without (re touching)

Tired of getting caught looking less than fabulous in the photos??? There 's a science to make the camera your BFF. Shelley Goodstein says shares her top tips for scoring your best profile shots ever.
  • Bat those lashes
  • The focal point of a profile picture is always the EYES- so make them PoP. For a natural look you can't go wrong with cream or taupe eyeshadow. For more fun, try sheer washes of color with a soft sheen, which will add light to your peepers. Don't forget liner for definition, curled lashes and mascara!

  • Instantly White Teeth
  • Nothing brightens up a photo than a pearly white smile. For a quick brightening , use this model tip; after brushing, rinse your tooth brush, dip it into hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds, and then brush again. Hydrogen peroxide not only lightens teeth, it kills germs and heals canker sores.

  • Gloss it up
  • Lipgloss looks best as a highlighter dotted down the middle of your lower lip and outlining the cupid's bow.

  • Go for a solid color
  • When it comes to clothing, patterns and prints can confuse the viewer's eye, and stripes can make you look wide (Yikes!). Try a vibrant shade like red, purple or blue to enliven your eyes and convey confidence, or rely on basic black for a sleek, elongated look.

  • Nude shoes
  • Work those stems! Heels help define your calves and give your hips a little exaggerated curve, while nude shoes that match your skin tone will make your legs look longer.

    Now what's your look-cute photo secret!!!!
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