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Healthy foods are a must for a younger look

Healthy lifestyle allows you to take part in many activities which an unhealthy person is often deprived off. Since you are in the modeling profession you need to pose in front of the camera, but appearing amazing and energetic in prints and on screen is not limited to putting on makeup. You should also keep yourself healthy and fit to pose in front of the photographers.

health tips for models

Look at the following tips to keep your body fit

  • You do not have to starve a lot to maintain a slim and well toned body instead you can follow a strict diet plan, restricting your meals to between 900–1,300 calories each day. In order to obtain lesser calories, opt for food sources like vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Instead of cream and mayonnaise on your salads or sandwiches, go for olive oil dressing.
  • Applying sunscreen onto the skin will help your complexion
  • If you want to exude a gorgeous look a healthy diet is vital; body toning workout will be an added advantage.
  • Intake of alcohol, drugs should be eliminated completely; strictly no smoking
  • Consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily, if you deny yourself of enough water, your epidermis will feel the effects more than any other organ. If you want to keep those muscles and epidermis ripped, you need to consume enough water.
  • Do not skip your meal because it will slow down your metabolism
  • The more fruits and vegetables and veggies that you eat, the more energy you will gain, also you will look good and feel it yourself as well.
  • Good sleep starts with a good bedtime ritual and some simple lifestyle changes, so try to sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours.

Get to know the renowned models fitness secrets below

mirranda kerrMiranda Kerr - is one active lady. Despite this, the Gunnedah lady always seems to be as awesome as a cucumber. She provides pressure with the help of relaxation. Researches have discovered that zoning out improves focus, reduces psychological pressure and improves oxygenation around the body for more efficient cell-renewal.

elle macphersonElle MacPherson - A normally high metabolic rate keeps her slim but she places her brilliance down to a natural diet. Health professionals say substances used in non-organic generate can speed up the aging process, while taking natural products increases energy, decreases stress and increases digestive function.

Kristy hinzeKristy Hinze - Having appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret catwalk, keeping toned has always been a priority for this Aussie model. Running or jogging on the beach is rumored to be her means to stay in shape. Taking the own exercise session down to the sands and burning between 20 to 50 percent of calories is Kristy Hinze fitness secret.

Megan GaleMegan Gale - With her face as her fortune, skin care is an obvious priority for the leggy Megan Gale. Daily sun protection isn't summer-specific — UV rays are present throughout the year and the statuesque model is religious about wearing an SPF30 protector every day. Opt for a face-specific cream to avoid blocking pores and don't forget other areas of exposed skin, including your neck and the backs of your hands.

Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins - like most women, has to discover planning before putting on her swimwear. To shape up prior to a big show, she reduces down on those water-retaining carbohydrates, gets effective with a mixture of strolling, Yoga exercises reduces down on her three-a-day java addiction. Exchange your day cappuccino for natural tea and go for a quick stroll at the afternoon meal to increase calorie-burning.

A healthy diet keeps your body working at full potential and reduces the effect of aging. Thus following a healthy diet and maintaining a regular routine keeps you feel younger and much fresher at heart than others allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest.
Posted October 25, 2012