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July 08, 2011

Im So Ugly! Ehhh .How Can I Become Beautiful.

Every day thousands of people enter into Google "I'm so ugly! How can I become beautiful?"." I'm so fat and ugly", and so on. Considering the human sociology I will say most are women who enquire and try to search in Google for ways to become beautiful. Trying to challenge god's creation over human..

My goodness ladies and men come out grow up. Beauty is not life. A lot more is there to do. Times have gone when a women's beauty had its own significance. Today people pay more attention to how good you are at heart that's what matters.

Let's see a more interesting aspect of it. Humans are naturally attracted to average looking women as most women today look average. Out of thousand one will have a pretty face. So if you are ugly actually you have chances of being unique. The fact is that you stand apart from the crowd, which makes you more memorable and interesting person. One might meet a lot of pretty people in life who are good to talk also but mite tend to forget them at a point of time, but you will mostly be remembered. You little, ugly are special...

The biggest problem is that you are constantly being reminded via hording, magazines, books etc that become beautiful and when that does not happen with you, it's depressing. But with those who become beautiful what benefits do they get more friends, more followers and lovers, compliments from others, that's it but do you know the intension behind that. It's just to take advantage of them and misuse them, except in few cases, atleast here you be being ugly have your own importance and stand to life.

Seeing the times today, there are so many boys who look really handsome, you get attracted towards them that's why you want get beautiful, hum. But do you ever think how many scandals and relations they might be involved in, do you really wana have an affair with handsome boy, is that the reason you insist on being beautiful. Let me tell you, you will go in safe hands. The one who loves you, will admire your inner self and always feel you beautiful because your heart is beautiful. "Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror".

Well life and enjoyment in life is in your hand. If you think your are ugly you feel bad else life is same and fun for all ugly or pretty. It's all your perspective to look at life. Actually I wonder, why do you want look pretty? What will you achieve? If you go back to history are any of the famous personalities handsome or beautiful. I don't think's just your personal charisma what matters, looks are secondary. Just be confident, you can rule the world. Get rid of low self esteem. Sky is high. Believe in yourself you can reach the sky.

When you really need it technology is always there. I believe that technology can change anything today; it can make the ugliest of thing look beautiful. So you need not worry. We always have a backup plan for you. Photoshop is also good software to make one look nice when urgently needed.

Understand the facts, don't waste your time in researching for ways to look beautiful, instead use it to improve yourself, develop your personality and skills. That will automatically make you beautiful and attract others; if not by your looks then your personality will stand for you.