Skin Care Article

November 13, 2011

It's Simple to Look Beautiful

Females are always co related with beauty. Make up is considered very important and a major contributor to make ladies look beautiful. But the problem we face is, many of us don't know that there is a difference between day and night make up. The products used, the colours applied. all varies. So here check out a few suggestions for makeup before you go to have gala time at night

tips for face make up

1. Rub ice cubes on your face for 5 - 10 min, before you start getting dressed. It will keep your skin fresh.

2. Take a cotton ball, dip into milk and wipe your face with it.

3. Now, Get ready with you complete attire you plan to wear to night, along with matching shoes and accessories. It makes it easier to decide what type of makeup will suit you better.

4. Put a base for make up on your face, using foundation. Use a brush or a sponge to apply it and spread it evenly on your face. Specially the curved areas on the face.

5. Then take the matching colour blush as your attire and apply on your check bones sides of forehead and chins, highlighting it.

6. Shimmer powder to be applied all over the face, by just dusting it in very less quantity will give more shine to your face.

7. Eye make should be done after our base is ready. It is the most important step to give you a better look or spoil the whole. A smoky eye look is considered the best for night. Let us see how we do that.

a) Outline your eye contour with a black eye pencil, all the way around. Make the line thicker along the upper lashes.

base color b) With a brush or a sponge applicator, apply your base colour eye shadow on the mobile eyelid and above the crease, about halfway to the eyebrows, blending slightly.
contour color c) With a pointy sponge applicator, apply contour colour eyeshadow all the way around your eyes, blending it well with the pencil line.
half eyes closed d) Half-close your eyes and apply contour colour in the crease.
outside corner e) You will now need to define the outside corners of your eyes using a horizontal "V" shape. The position of the pointy end of the "V" will control the apparent shape of your eyes.
upper eyelid f) With a medium-sized soft round brush (you can also use a flat one, holding it sideways), blend the eye shadow on the upper eyelid. With a flat brush, blend the eye shadow on the lower eyelid.

g) Repeat your contour colour application with a sponge, as many times as needed to achieve a deep shade. Blend again with brushes after every application.

h) Apply highlight colour eye shadow or facial powder under your eyebrows to ease the blending of the dark contour and add some volume to your eye makeup.

i) For an irresistible deep regard, outline the inside contour of your eyes with eye pencil. Use darker-than-usual eyebrows and lots of mascara to finish the look. Your eyes should now be smokier than ever before!

j) To keep your bright eye makeup in balance, try a stronger blush, and keep your lips pale with a light gloss application.

8. we done with eyes now is the lips. as the eye is dark, just hmake the lips simple. apply gloss over your lips and let it shine.

9. do not avoid you nail. apply nail polish over it. if you not a lover of nail polish. apply transparent colour to just add shine to your lips.

And here we are ready for the party, with a gorgeous look.