Body Care Article

September 25, 2011

Avoid insomnia the first step for a healthy body

Many people are plague by insomnia. Why? It is not a common disease. It's our own fault. Every individual is responsible for their own health and there sufferings. You suffer, may be because you are not aware that Lack of sleep can affect your energy level during the day as well as your emotional and physical health over time.

Our body gets used to your daily routine, any change in that is the biggest reason for this. Also the times and life has changed and is much more competitive due to which people tend to work harder harming themselves. Tension, work pressure adds to sleepless nights.

Traveling sounds very nice to all, but frequent traveling causes insomnia and with so many people traveling around the world, getting jet lack is un avoidable.. This kind of insomnia is becoming common. It's not just air even for people who travel by car, often suffer. Our human body is so built that it cannot adapt to changes very soon. And traveling, sleeping at different places every day, does not give you a comfortable sleep.

Are you a smoker? It's time to quit. Cigarettes are made with nicotine which affects your sleep. It's actually a stimulant which keeps you awake. Unfortunately people, who smoke, are certainly not aware of this fact. Instead they believe that a puff of cigarette will make them become calmer and will help them de-stress. On the contrary, nicotine stimulates the mind and the body. It disturbs the body's functionality to fall and stay asleep. Addiction as well as reliance on smoking disturbs or delays sleep. So it can cause sleeping disorders. Quit smoking now to be able to have a better rest and sleep.

Then comes the technology of today which is responsible, people are addicted to mobile phones, television and computer games or browsing. This is the way they relax themselves after work or studies. When the technology is used during the working hours it's useful but equally harm full when used beyond a limit. When you talk on phone throughout the night, or play games, it's not relaxing, it a way to fall sick. Cause next morning is going to be the same with work from 9 O clock mornings and night one tends not to sleep. so plan you schedule and do not get addicted to technology.

Today the immunity level of people has terrible reduced. They cannot bear little pain or un easiness, the best way out for them is having medicine. Many of these can cause insomnia. These medications can be for ailments that range from serious to no so serious and be for conditions like mental problems, allergies, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It is known that even children are taking drugs such as Ritalin for attention deficit disorder. This is a drug that's a stimulant and can therefore interfere with sleep. If you suspect that your medication is causing insomnia, see if your doctor can suggest an alternative, go ahead. Insomnia, as we've seen, sometimes has a clear cut cause, while at other times the reason for it can be hard to pinpoint. No matter what may be causing your sleeping difficulty, it's important to get to the bottom of it so you can start looking for a way to correct it. Sleeping well is an important component of good health, and it's something everyone can enjoy once they take care of what's getting in the way.