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September 23, 2009

Mistakes that should be avoided when models present themselves to an Agency

  • Present your Portfolio:
  • Porfolio
    1. Present your portfolio that conveys your strengths and capabilities which differentiate you from the competitor. When you show up for an appointment you should present yourself same as you are in the photos.

    2. 1. Sometimes, when they present themselves for an appointment they have totally different hair in color or style.

    3. 2. Sometimes the shots are 10 years old or they have gained or lost a significant amount of weight.

    4. 3. You never like to be disappointing to an agent in person. It's your job to update your photos as you change your looks and styles.

  • Always Be on Time!
    1. Firstly, lateness is just not accepted! Put some attention into where you're going and plan a route in advance. Distance can never be an excuse! Rethink the meaning of "on time."

    2. People who are always on time are really people who appear early every day. If an agent can't trust you to meet them on time, they certainly are not going to trust you with their clients.

    3. However, on the other side of the coin, getting there too early is not necessary. It's just as troublesome to have someone hanging around a busy agency as it is to be kept waiting for them!

    Be on time

  • Market yourself in the best way!
  • Bst walk
    1. Be practical about where you fall in the market. A woman in her 40's should NOT go fashion/glamour nor, should show up as the person with this look.

    2. Most probably you are considered to be a commercial type, meaning a soccer mom or executive. It's not the agencies job to teach you.

    3. Before you invest in photos, get a good sense of the kind of work you may be right for and try to imitate that look.

    4. Also show up to the agency with look that you are suitable for! Agencies need to see it to consider it in order to sell it!

  • Submit to the right agencies!
    1. Examine which agencies book your type and don't waste time presenting to agencies that don't book it.

    2. If you're a petite, see which agencies really have that division and so on. It's just a waste of postage and time to send your materials off to everyone.

    Right agencies
  • Be reachable!
  • Be re
    1. You should always be reachable for the agencies. You must have a cell phone so that you could be reached at anytime.

    2. Usually projects come in at the last minute. Agencies must be able to get a hold of you!

    3. When these last minute jobs come in, most booking agents will go for the people they can get a hold of.

  • void guests to your appointment!
  • Agencies in local markets have a much smaller floor space than their counterparts in larger markets. Do not bring guests or visitors along with you. This will worry any agent as it would make them look bad if you brought this type of entourage with you on an interview. Unless you're a minor, come alone and even then bring only one parent.

  • Accept criticism and don't argue with booking agents!
    1. 1. It takes a certain type of person to handle this business. You need a strong sense of self to handle criticism.

    2. 2. Admittedly, agents can have a cruel tongue. You can speak to 10 agents and get 10 different opinions.

    3. 3. Listen to the information given and keep the things that make sense.

    4. 4. If you start to hear the same comment from several agencies, then you know that you need to work on it.

    5. 5. Don't take criticism to heart. It's part of the industry and the learning process in ANY career.

    6. 6. Don't dispute with agents, try to transform their minds or put them on the defense.

    7. 7. If an agent passes on you, don't inquire them. Simply thank them for their time, swallow hard and progress to the next appointment.

    8. 8. There are plenty more chances out there. Go discover them!