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June 04, 2011

Tussle to be a famous designer

The fashion industry is a place to derive fortune and fame. Every individual striding towards this industry aims to be Chanel or Gucci one day. A catwalk, the light, the models, glamorous parties. Can you imagine? Most have dreamed, but few make this into a reality. With the aim in mind, a designer from all the corners of the globe, often strive for celebrity status. Many of them try but only a handful of them, actually reach that status of "famous" or "celebrity".

Designers have two approaches to move ahead, to become famous by name and then promote their business or to set up a label of their own and become know with that launching their career. Either ways, will help a designer behind the label gain celebrity status, if they reach the stage of owing a famous FASHION BRAND.

Just a break is what every designer wait for. As it's always the collection of famous designers gracing the cover of magazines or taking part in international fashion weeks. Who will not want that? Further they quote to customers they participated in so and so event and are published in magazines which is a method to propel their careers into the stratosphere.

Although a designer can achieve celebrity status on its own still they often take support from other industries to help launch there label. Like if it's a famous musician or movie star wearing your outfit. The moment they wear, as an upcoming designer make sure, there pictures come out in newspapers, magazines, social media featured with your name as designer for the outfit. This help you publicize.

Social life is a must. You need to be seen in every party in the town. Come out of your den. The more people recognize you face, the more they are eager to know about you.

The other side of glamour life of a designer is work night and day and this is hardly ever appreciated. Keep your knowledge brushed with latest, is the approach. Read, read and read everything you can about fashion, biographies, magazine articles, you have to keep you self updated, register in as many magazines possible.

Train your eye. Go to different museums and art galleries if you can. When you look at paintings from centuries ago you will be surprised at how many things you see in portraits that have been copied/adapted by modern designers. Or have inspired/influenced them. Gather your knowledge and inspirations to make your creations.

That was just the beginning the tough time is now. A designer finally runs for the whole day designing and selecting the fabric for the collection. Getting the production done as designed and the inner fact is your creativity starts when production starts, changing the style and making the garment look similar to the sketch due to technical issues. Or we can say, as a designer you have to balance, your creation, production and social life to be a "celebrity". All has to be perfect without creativity you cannot be a famous designer and without being social you cannot show your creativity in this competitive world.