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July 27, 2011

She Loves To Be Different - Lady Gaga

Lady-Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an American pop singer-songwriter. She is commonly known as "LADY GAGA". Gaga learned to play the piano by the age of four. At the age of 11, she was accepted to the Juilliard School in Manhattan, but instead attended a private Catholic school in the city. She continued studying music and performing, writing her first piano ballad at the age of 13 and holding her first performance at the age of 14 in a New York nightclub. The self-dubbed "Lady Gaga" (she has attributed the inspiration for her name to the Queen song, "Radio Ga-Ga") was granted early admission to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts at the age of 17-one of only 20 students in the world to receive the honor of early acceptance. While there, she studied music and worked on her songwriting skills.

Every performance she makes on stage has a bang entry with a different look. She never worries about running out of ideas. She has been primarily influenced by glam rockers like David Bowie and Queen, singers Michael Jackson and Madonna, artist Andy Warhol, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, fashion icon and entertainer Grace Jones, and fashion as a whole.

Her contributions to the music industry have garnered her numerous achievements including five Grammy Awards amongst twelve nominations, two Guinness World Records and the estimated sale of 15 million albums and 51 million singles worldwide. Billboard named her "2010 Artist of the Year" and the top selling artist ,ranking her as the 73rd Artist of the 2000s decade. Gaga has been included in Time's annual "The 2010 Time 100" list of the most influential people in the world as well as Forbes' list of the "The World's Most Powerful Celebrities" in the world. Forbes also placed her at number seven on their annual list of the world's "100 Most Powerful Women."

She is also a staple in the social networking world. She's one of the biggest living people on Facebook with over 33 million 'likes' and is #1 on Twitter with over 9.5 million followers. With so much of followers she proved her saying "If you don't have any shadows you're not in the light".