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August 08, 2011

Racism An Impediment For Indian Fashion Industry

The Indian fashion industry today is showing racism towards their own models. The increasing use of white models over the wheatish skinned models says it all. The question here is why the designers do not prefer the wheatish complexion? Many designers agree to their need of white models upfront, where others show it indirectly.

The designers like Manish Arora and Rohit Bal are booming the industry today and performing the shows around the world. Where it's a choice of preference, if there is no racism they can use Indian models and support the industry grow. On the other hand they are supporting the international models. The thought of using international models in acceptable but when our Indian models are benefitted enough.

The local fashion show is a major "media" event today and same is the entry of European, Russian, Brazilian models on the Indian ramp during the show - a boom, but only for the designers, as any show with foreigners involved becomes a hit in India, but it is indirectly affecting the Indian models. They are paid nuts in comparison. That can be concluded as "the Indians are obsessed with white skin and racism persists", they don't value the tanned skin beauties when it comes to money. However when our super models travel especially to the west there is no racism against them for the skin colour or payments. So many of our super models are doing so well abroad, like Lakshmi Menon, Padma Lakshmi, and so many others who made it to the top. But survey shows that many other super models for various countries say the same for racism towards the Indian models.

Where the international super model Kate Moss is earning anywhere between $20,000 and $150,000 per runway show, Indian supermodel Carol Gracias only earns $1,000. The reason being the Indian models are not valued.

The fashion industry cannot claim they hire international models because they need thin or tall models, as today most of the Indian models are size zero and obsessed with their diet. So we have it all in India its only the industrial shots who need to utilize are assets before going international for the growth of Indian fashion industry.

We need to value our talents; the major racism is shown when we see No ads on television forecast dark skinned people. Why? We can say "It's not just the fashion industry; India per se is obsessed with white skin. People here crave for fair complexion for themselves; it shows when we survey through the sales of fairness products. This mind set of Indians is affecting the industry.

Acceptable that the world of fashion is heavily driven by looks, but today when people abroad are opting and relishing the tanned look, the idea of fair skin colour sounds outdated and in no way represents India as the land with multi cultural society.

Finally it should be concluded, by the fashion industry to set an example by raising its voice against racism and proving it to the world that for we Indians white or black does not matter all are beautiful in their ways. It's only the "look" the designer wants to go for, based on which they select the models and not the colour.