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September 03, 2011

Charity Fashion Shows

Charity is a help to the needy. It is always a respectable stand and today used as a marketing strategy. Fashion awareness is spread worldwide. Fashion shows are fun and creative way of highlighting some of the ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry. There is a lot to be considered so it is well to plan it ahead. Every other person you see today is conscious about their looks. May it be an IT student or a doctor and especially in the youth of today. So for fashion conscious people event like fashion shows are major attractions.

Charity fashion shows functions because of generous donations from designers, whether high end designers or on a smaller scale. In fashion shows, beginner designers, set designers, musicians or DJs, and models have a chance to shine and feel the recognition of their community while they work toward a good cause and also get attached with the title of" charity show" which has its own value any time. Another reason for an organization to use fashion show as a vehicle for change and social improvement can be that it strives towards arts promotion, cultural diversity, community involvement, and global outreach. It depends up on the invitees we list down that these benefits can be achieved. It is very important to have a good crowd which depends on the marketing strategies for publicity of the show. If the publicity of the show is not done appropriately the show can be a major flop, with no charity collection and no publicity benefit.

These shows are a good opportunity for Networking, Since fashion designers, magazine editors, celebrities and financiers attend fashion shows, the opportunity to meet, greet and Tweet are nearly endless in this day and age. If an aspiring fashion designer makes it into the festivities, this is an opportunity for him to find an inside track into the fashion world.

How do you make money with a charity fashion show?

  • To raise money for a charity fashion show, sell tickets. Also, you can pair the fashion show with a dinner, in which case the cost of attendance could be much higher.

  • You can sell DVDs of the show.

  • You can seek sponsors for your charity fashion show.

  • If you're looking for a particularly fun way of raising money with a charity fashion show, consider holding a contest ahead of time and make sure your contest involve people voting with dollars.

  • Finally, get creative with the theme of your fashion show.

The fashion shows tend not to last more than half an hour. Your show can be as long or as short as you feel is appropriate. Take into consideration the amount of models you have, the number of outfits you are showing, other entertainment you are having and the number of people you expect to be in the audience. If you want dance routines, live music or an art exhibition to be part of your event - feel free. Be as creative as you like with the format of a catwalk show. Charity shows mostly are a big boom. Some on the famous charity shows were the runway show held in San Francisco for the 2011 season. "The best runway show on the West Coast" by the San Francisco Examiner, which is a charity organization. Then was Shaina NC and Manish Malhotra's high-flying event of the Cancer Patients Aid Association saw an interesting line-up of the celeb brigade. These events have really changed the life of many individuals. And will continue to do the same even , if we the descendants realize and understand the suffering of others and hold hands to help them in every way possible.