Hair Care Article

November 28, 2011

Hair Care

The care which our hair needs depends on what texture do we have. Then the condition of the scalp and strands play a vital role. The texture of our hair cannot change, but the condition of it can change due to change in season and city.

Say dry hair, we have it because the oil glands in our hair are inactive and they lack moisture. This may be due to natural conditions, harsh shampoo, chemicals or exposure to sun. Sometimes if our hair becomes very dry and oil accumulates on the scalp, it tends to make our scalp look dull and dry and even gives split ends.

types of hair

Dry hair: Dry hair needs excessive care. They break off easily. After shampoo they look frizzy and before the ends look dry. It makes the scalp dry and itchy. Sometimes you can even see dry flakes of skin on your scalp. So nourish the scalp. Protect them from chemical and direct sun light, pollution. Use very mild shampoo and avoid excessive use of heat like dryers.

Oily hair: It's the people with oily skin have oily hair generally. Hair becomes oily because of excessive secretion of oil from glands. Scalp also gets oily. "Oily hair needs to be washed too often.You can wash them daily or every other day. For oily hair, oils and shampoos having henna and neem are very good," says the doctor.

Combination hair - a problem that many women face but do not understand. In this you have grease scalp and dry ends with splits. In this case you will actually have to use a shampoo for oily hair, and a conditioner for damaged hair. Avoid getting the conditioner near your scalp.

Normal hair :Luckiest are the one with balanced hair or normal hair which has a natural shine, and the scalp is in perfect condition. It is easy to maintain and a boon. So treat such hair well with proper care and a well balanced diet.


  • Who is ever satisfied with what they are blessed with? Rarely someone.

  • It's so easy to get dissatisfied with what you have and seek ways to alter the natural state. But the truth is that you look best if you can enhance your natural assets and play them up for timeless style. That goes for your hair as well. While you might try chemical treatments to straighten your curls or get waves put, but the maintenance can be a pain if you have a busy lifestyle. Unlike earlier years, the current crop of stylists and hair experts recommend working with you natural hair texture. It is healthier for the strands and easier for you to maintain.

  • The hair plays a very important role in styling of the hair. "Actually it is your texture which decides how you should style your hair.. In fact most of us tend to just classify our hair as dry or oily, and curly or straight. That's when the problem of bad styling comes up. Actually hair is determined by the structure, thickness and quality of the strands.

Avoid Bad Hair Days

It happens to everyone once in a while, when you wake up in the morning and notice those ungainly kinks in your hair that refuse to be tamed, or your hair feels super greasy, or simply looks frizzy and blah. Don't give into depression of a bad hair day. Simply follow these tricks to make your worst hair work best for you.

  • Hair looks limp with styling residue? Take some baking soda and mix it with your regular shampoo and lather up the scalp nicely. Rinse thoroughly to cleanse the scalp, and use a light conditioner. Your hair will feel softer and more manageable. Avoid using styling product that day except a drop of shine serum.

  • No time to shampoo your hair in the morning? Just wash and rinse the front part of your hair as you soap up your body. Then smooth the hair on top or comb your bangs nicely to give fresh look to your style. Pull the hair back into a ponytail and tease it slightly to give a purposefully messed up look.

  • Bored of your regular style? Simply switch your part to the other side or go right down the middle to make a world of a difference to your looks.

  • Greasy scalp? Sprinkle some baby powder or corn starch into your palms and rub on the scalps, and comb out hair thoroughly for a fresh feel.

  • Hair too wild to tame? Then play up the texture. Turn your head upside down and spray some sea salt spray at the roots. Then scrunch hair with fingers for natural volume. Part and pin on one side for a trendy do.

  • No time for blow drying hair? Pull back into a tight bun at the middle of the head. Smooth some serum to tame flyaways and you are set to go. In the evening let the bun loose for some sexy waves.

Tips for Shiny Hair

Do you want to transform dry, rough and dull hair into a thick, shining mane that draws admiring glances and arouses envy?

There are a few cosmetic preparations and home remedies for shiny hair that will help to transform you into an elegant beauty.

tips for shiny hair
  • Rinse your hair with lemon juice for that extra shine.

  • Mix two tablespoons of honey to warm water and apply on hair one hour before shampoo.

  • Blend strawberry pulp with three teaspoons of mayonnaise and massage on to scalp and hair. Shampoo and condition after an hour.

  • Deep conditioning is essential for that natural sheen.

  • Mix egg yolks with olive oil and apply to your hair. Wash off with cold water when dry.

  • Eat green, leafy vegetables that are rich in iron. Citrus fruits and Vitamin C should also form an important part of your diet.

  • Avoid treating your hair to chemical bleaches.

  • You can use heat activated shampoos to wash your hair.

  • Use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair.

  • Shampoos containing silk amino acids help to maintain that natural sheen.

So start on your hair care regime and get soft, silky and shiny hair into the bargain.