Trends and styles

May 06, 2011

Some call it a Tuxedo, some call it a Suit, are both the same

Tailoring, the cut and sewing of cloth as we understand it today, developed gradually in Europe, it was then when a suit was discovered. The suit is treasured by every man. It can entirely define the person wearing it, and has done so for quite a long time now. However, while it might be old, the suit is definitely immortal!

The tuxedo's history dates from 1886 when New York millionaire James Potter on recommendation from the princes those days visited her tailor and brought a modified look suit home to tuxedo park club for a party, a newly established residential country club for New York's elite. The dinner suit proved popular the same night and was later know as the tuxedo; the club men copied him, soon making it their informal dining uniform.

Suit tend to be a little less tailored garments, As a result, they are considered less formal than a tux, and normally worn for semi-formal and business affairs.. They do not feature any satin trimmings at all except a tie additionally worn with a suit. They are much simpler in design and feature a notch or peak lapel. A suit has a matching coat and pants (may or may not include a vest) with a regular dress shirt usually a bit looser and has pockets on the chest.

A Tuxedo will be adorned with satin lapels, satin covered buttons and satin stripes down the pant legs. Pocket trims may also be satin covered. In addition, some tuxedos will feature special lapel designs that add interest and style to the tuxedo coat. It's these satin trimmings that make a tuxedo the only choice for formal affairs. They are mostly worn with a bow or a broad end tie, with Vests, cummerbunds (sash around the waist) as additional embellishments. The shirt for a tux is usually pleated and usually the collar is stiff. The pants worn with them, do not have cuffs, may have pleats or be plain front, and are worn with suspenders instead of a belt, and therefore have no belt loops.

Lastly, shoes should not be forgotten and are important to finishing your ensemble. Formal shoes made of patent leather are the shoes of choice with a tuxedo. Shoes with a more subtle, matt finish should be worn with a suit. You dress in a tuxedo; you are bound to look classy, elegant and sexy. It also does wonders to your confidence level as it makes you feel good about yourself. As businessmen it is very important that one has firm knowledge over his subjects and dresses well simultaneously to present the same properly. The confidence that tuxedo renders you will make you feel like a king and above all you will work as efficient as possible when you are in that frame of mind. Performance never becomes an issue when you quite clear about what you have learnt, when you know what to present and other in-depth matters. Simply to say "A man in tuxedo is man filled with confidence".