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October 23, 2011

Manish Malhotra

Manish MalhotraManish malhotra a fashion designer representing India. The pride of India. He entered the fashion industry with a different start than his peers. He did not do his graduation in fashion industry; it's his confidence towards his styling and love for fashion which is his success today. He actually started his career as a model in college. Following graduation, he put his modeling career aside to start working at a small fashion boutique where he learned all aspects of design, production, sales and the ins and outs of the fashion business. As a huge fan of Hindi films, Malhotra always had Bollywood ambitions and his dream was to one day design clothes for Bollywood movies. Today the young designer is ruling the fashion and film industry, with his achievements received in the domestic as well as international market. Today one and all know him. His creative thoughts are appreciated everywhere. He is trend settler today for the ethnic fashion of men's as well as women's wear.

Manish collections

It was in the initial years of his career when fashion industry was overlooked, he faced the toughest times then. He was the first designers who used to ask for the scripts before designing the dresses for the particular scene. This was surprising for some directors in early stages but his work was the best answer for all their confusions as he used to realize the character and then design. We can take an example of dress designed for Kareena Kapoor for the film Ashoka. Kareena, who plays Princess Kaurwaki in the film, is wearing period costumes. Manish Malhotra not only design the outfit but the entire look this is what his speciality is. Though Kareena was a princess in Ashoka he has not Accessorized her too much rather give her a no makeup powerful look and she was looking perfect for the character but all the credit goes to Manish Malhotra who can create beauty in simplicity.

Manish decided to venture into the mainstream market by opening his own fashion boutique called "Reverie" which became a shopping hot spot for the cream of Mumbai society and helped his popularity soar as a designer. He soon began designing bridal trousseaus and slowly started developing his brand as a designer.

His highly anticipated first fashion show took place in November 1999 in front of packed audience. He sold out his entire collection in three weeks. He also introduced the idea of having a "elebrity showstopper" by having actress Urmila Matondkar close his show, a practice still used by Indian designers today.

kareena and karishma kapoor

lakme fasfhion showIf we talk about his lakme fashion show 2006 it was a big hit with the some of bollywood celebrity walking on ramp like priti zinta and kajol.

The feminine collection of Manish stole everyones heart present there. He also set up few trends like concept of embroidered jeans.

He also brought a trend of designing the look of an entire film rather than just the costumes. Manish Malhotra likes pale, ice-creamy neutrals, lilacs and lemons, he avoids gold. Manish is a true master of fashion and he has achieved stupendous appreciation from the masses.