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  • She is just 14,too young to be model

    December 7th, 2011

    They may be top models today, may it be Kate Moss who was discovered aged 14 by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm Model Management, at JFK Airport, after a holiday in The Bahamas.
    Jourdan Dunn , discovered shopping in the Hammersmith branch of Primark, aged 16.

    Gisele Bündchen , discovered eating McDonalds in a shopping mall while on a school trip to São Paulo, aged 14.

    Or Coco Rocha , Discovered performing at an Irish dance competition, aged 14, by model agent Charles Stuart.

     All would have faced the same problem of entering into a professional life when it’s time for school; they were busy working day and night. Today this industry by making children work at young age is raising the suicide ratio. When will the parent understand?


    • Here the kids are made to behave like adults when they are actually kids.

    • They have to stay away from parents at such young age. When it’s the time for the parents to train their kids and not let them fall in wrong habits. Here the kids train themselves as per the requirements.

    • They are deprived of basic education many a time or those who finish schooling do it just for the sake of it, with success in modeling as major aim.

    • As models they have 1000 barriers, for staying thin which obligates in proper growth of these young people. They say NO! NO! For all basic diets which is necessary for growing kids. Results health problem come early in life.

    • This has taught young kids to start drinking and smoking and other wrong habits, from a very young age and they see no fault in it. It’s cool

    • People in this industry are facing so many diseases at such young age cause work pressure. Not a good symbol.

    Why is the fashion industry doing this to these young kids is a big question today? We should undeniably set up an age criteria for a brighter future of the young chaps.

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    Sri Lankan Design Festival 2011

    December 7th, 2011

    The Sri Lankan Design Festival 2011. Planned in the month of November showed a big  success after being held for three consecutive years. The event initiated by the academy of design was organized in Colombo. The grand event started with participation by the island craft exhibition and was followed by a fashion show held by them.
    It was a mix among the traditions and modern culture of srilanka, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of the country. The fashion show was themed with inspiration from the traditional craft.The desigeners participated were Dharshi Keertisena, Kasuni Ratnasuriya, Terin Gabbalage, Kandygs, Yolanda Aluvihare and Prabath Samarasooriya.
    It was not just a fashion show but also had collection including apparels, utensils and interiors made of handloom and batik textiles, beeralu, Lac-work, brass ware, ceramics, Palmyrah, cane, paper, shell and coir created by hundreds of artisans from rural areas of Sri Lanka which were on display and available for purchase at the Pop-up store.
    The Founder of the SLDF and Managing Director of the Academy of Design later defines the motif of the festival as not just a fashion event but an opportunity that captures “the essence of the country” and promoting the talent of Sri Lanka on a global front.
    As SLDF 2011 was a meeting point for designers, buyers, retailers and industry experts from all over the world. It was a fantastic site for networking for those in the creative fields, or in fashion and apparel businesses. Also created an opportunity to meet others in a similar or related industry and to form and strengthen partnerships that will increase connections between businesses and ultimately, countries themselves.

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