The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Dacron

    (trademark) applies for a synthetic polyester textile fiber.

  • Damask

    A quite chunky and shiny material of many textile twine mixtures. The pattern can appear to be both dull and lusterless depending on which way the fiber has been woven. Usually used in gowns and upholstery.

  • Dashiki

    a typically brightly colored loose-fitting pullover garment

  • Day dress

    Dress meterials which is aptly fit for shopping or business wear.

  • Decolletage

    a decollete dress, explicitly a strapless dress or one with a dipping neckline

  • Decollete

    Bodice form with a very short neckline usually worn out on ball gowns and as an evening wear.

  • Deerskin

    a garment of deerskin, explicitly leather made from the skin of a deer

  • Demonstrator

    A model who demonstrate the utilization of the particular product at a trade show or store.

  • Denier

    a part of fineness for rayon, nylon, and silk, based on a standard mass per length of 1 gram per 9,000 meters of yarn.

  • Derby

    a man's rigid felt hat with dome-shaped crown and narrow brim

  • Designer

    The person who form the idea for designing or making the garment meterials and other fashionable items.

  • Dhurrie

    a broad flat-woven cotton cloth made in India.

  • Diaper

    a fabric with a individual pattern; a rich silk fabric; a soft frequently white linen or cotton fabric used for tablecloths or towels

  • Dickey

    an article of clothing worn to fill in the neckline, as a man's part or detachable shirtfront

  • Digitizing embroidery

    digitizing is the procedure of converting artwork to stitches.

  • Diving suit

    a waterproof suit with a removable helmet worn by a diver who is abounding with air pumped through a tube

  • Diving suit

    It is a water-resistant costume with a detachable head covering worn by a diver who is supplied with air pumped through a tube.

  • Dobby

    a fabric made with a dobby, namely a loom with an accessory for weaving small figures.

  • Domino

    a long loose hooded cloak typically worn with a half mask as a masquerade costume; a half mask worn over the eyes with a masquerade costume

  • Doublet

    a man's close-fitting jacket worn in Europe particularly during the Renaissance

  • Drainpipe

    Extremely thin fitting trousers frequently tighter around the ankle.

  • Draping

    Method of lynching fabric in folzd or wrap with material in slacky folds. In covered garments, hemlines are frequently uneven.

  • Dresser

    The person who assists the models in dressing up their dress weared by them in the backstage for fashion shows and fashion events.

  • Drop needle

    a knit fabric described by a vertical lines within the cloth. This knit is contrived by "dropping" a needle from the knitting cylinder.

  • Dunce cap

    a conical cap previously used as a punishment for slow learners at school [Also called, dunce's cap]

  • Dungaree

    clothes made normally of blue denim