The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Sabot

    it is a European wooden shoe; a shoe having a sabot band, namely a strap transversely the instep in a sandal type shoe

  • Sack

    it is a woman's loose-fitting dress; a short frequently loose-fitting coat for women and children

  • Sack coat

    it is a man's jacket with a instantly back.

  • Sackcloth

    a crude cloth of camel's hair or cotton, worn as a sign of grief or repentance

  • Safari jacket

    a typically belted shirt jacket with pleated expansible pockets

  • Sailor

    a rigid straw hat with a low flat crown and straight circular brim

  • Salwar

    extensive loose pants with a unbreakable cuff and a drawstring usually worn with a long tunic.

  • Sam browne

    a leather belt for a dress consistent supported by a light strap passing over the right shoulder

  • Samite

    it is a rich medieval silk fabric interwoven with gold and silver.

  • Sandal

    a shoe consisting of a sole impoverished to the foot; a low-cut shoe that fastens by an ankle band; a rubber overshoe cut very low

  • Sarcenet

    it is a soft thin silk in plain or twill weaves

  • Sari / Saree

    frivolous cloth draped so that one end forms a skirt or pajama and the other a head or shoulder covering

  • Sarong

    it is a loose garment made of a long band of cloth wrapped about the body and worn as a skirt or dress by men and women chiefly of the Malay archipelago and the Pacific islands.

  • Sash

    a crew worn about the waist or over one shoulder and used as an accessory or symbol of a military order

  • Satchel

    it is a small bag often with a shoulder strap

  • Saxony

    it is a fine soft woolen fabric.

  • Scapular

    a long extensive band of cloth worn front and back over the shoulders as part of a monastic habit

  • Scuff

    a flat-soled slipper lacking quarter or heel strap [Compare mule]

  • Stock

    This refers to a photo, or a set of photos, that can be licensed to a wide variety users, normally for a fee which is often based on how the image will be used. A single photo in a stock library could be used for a postcard, a magazine advertisement, a calendar, and a Web site, with each licensee potentially paying different amounts accordingly.

  • Swimsuit / Swimwear

    A photo in which the model is wearing garments generally associated with swimming and/or beach activities.