The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Habergeon

    a medieval jacket of mail smaller than a hauberk

  • Habiliments

    the dress feature of an occupation or occasion

  • Haik

    a voluminous piece of frequently white cloth worn as an outer garment in northern Africa

  • Hair shirt

    a shirt made of jagged animal hair worn next to the skin as a forfeit

  • Haircloth

    any of different stiff wiry fabrics particularly of horsehair or camel hair used for upholstery or for stiffening in garments.

  • Hairline

    a fabric with a hairline design, specifically a textile design consisting of lengthwise or crosswise lines generally one thread wide.

  • Halftime

    Models are paid halftime for all travel time. If your day rate is £50 an hour, you'll get £25 for each hour you travel to and from that job. Your agency also gets 20% of halftime travel rates.

  • Halter

    a woman's blouse that foliage the back, arms, and midriff bare and that is classically held in place by straps around the neck and transversely the back

  • Hand loom

    it is a weaving devise operated manually and a term used to describe a specially woven sample containing yarn dyes for color judging.

  • Harem pants

    women's loose trousers that fit intimately at the ankle

  • Hat

    a wrapper for the head typically having a shaped crown and brim, Headwear.

  • Havelock

    a covering attached to a cap to defend the neck from the sun or bad weather

  • Haversack

    a bag related to a knapsack but worn out over one shoulder

  • Hawaiian shirt

    a generally short-sleeved sport shirt with a colorful pattern

  • Head Sheet

    A poster displaying head shots and information about models represented by a modeling agency. Models may have to pay to appear on an agency's headsheet.

  • Headshot

    A photo consisting of the model's head, either with shoulders or close enough to not show the entire head (i.e., just part of the model's face).