The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Lab dip

    It is a type a hard color material colored to match a given color standard.

  • Lace

    It is type of an openwork generally figured cloth made of thread or yarn and used for trimmings, domestic coverings, and entire garments.

  • Lacha

    It is type of a lengthy skirt and tunic combination along with a chunni creates up a whole set. It is a traditional garment from India.

  • Lambrequin

    a scarf used to wrap a knight's helmet

  • Lame

    This is a brocaded clothing material made from any of various threads united with glittering filling threads often of gold or silver.

  • Lasting

    Is is a strong cotton or worsted cloth used specially in shoes and luggage.

  • Latchet

    It is a thin leather strap, thong, or lace that tie up a shoe or sandal on the foot.

  • Lavalava

    It is a rectangular material of cotton print worn like a kilt or skirt in Polynesia and particularly in Samoa.

  • Lederhosen

    It is a type of leather shorts regularly with suspenders worn particularly in Bavaria.

  • Leg warmer

    It is generally a weaved covering for the leg.

  • Legging

    It is a covering, as of leather or with other type of cloth, for the leg, generally used in plural; also, tights.

  • Leghorn

    It is a hat prepared with leghorn straw, namely a fine plaited straw made from an Italian wheat.

  • Lei

    It is a headdress or necklace generally made up of flowers or leaves.

  • Lengha

    a lengthy full skirt.

  • Lengha/choli

    a long skirt and and blouse grouping along with a chunni makes up a complete set.

  • Leno

    a fabric made with leno interlace, namely an open weave in which pairs of distort yarns cross one another and thus lock the filling yarn in position.

  • Leotard

    It is a close-fitting one-piece garment worn out mainly by dancers, acrobats, and aerialists; also tights.

  • Lingerie

    A photograph in which the model is wearing lingerie, which -- at its most common meaning can indicate any undergarment not normally visible in public. Regularly this means sexier wear than "grandma underwear!"