The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Faille

    a somewhat shiny/lustrous personally woven silk, rayon, or cotton fabric characterized by small ribs in the weft. Finer than gros grain but in that family - ribs are also praise than in grosgrain

  • Fascinator

    a woman's lightweight head scarf typically of crochet or lace

  • Fashion

    This is a style of photo that focuses attention on a model's clothing and/or accessories. For examples, skim through a fashion magazine.

  • Fashion Fit Modelling

    A male or female model fashion designers and garment manufacturers use to size and measure clothes for production. Fit models have the perfect proportions for a given clothing size. They are used by designers to piece together new creations, see how they move, and develop their patterns. The key for a fit model is to never gain or loose an inch. Fit models can be hired by manufacturers in permanent salary positions. Often, clothing manufacturers do not hire separate fit models for each size. Instead, they measure the clothes on a standard size (size 8-10 for women; size 40 regular for men) model and then use computer programs to magnify those dimensions for each different size.

  • Fatigue

    the uniform or labor clothing worn on exhaustion and in the field

  • Favoured Nations

    Contractual term for a photo shoot in which each model is getting paid the same day rate. The highest paid model on the shoot usually gets paid less than his or her usual rate. This helps eliminate accusations of unfair work practices and general griping by lower-paid models that are working just as hard as the highly-paid model. Models don't look as good in photographs when they feel they're being cheated to pay the star.

  • Fedora

    a low soft felt hat with the crown wrinkled lengthwise

  • Ferret

    a thin cotton, silk, or fur tape.

  • Fichu

    a woman's light triangular scarf that is draped over the shoulders and fixed firmly in front or worn to fill in a low neckline

  • Fillet

    a ribbon or narrow strip of material used mostly as a headband

  • Fitting

    The session that takes place before the photo shoot where the clothes to be modelled are fit onto the model. Based on the model's particulars, the clothes are usually altered to fit. When you go to a fitting, be prepared to stand around partially clothed all day long, in front of several people. These people will usually be stylists, seamstresses and designers.

  • Flak jacket

    a jacket containing metal plates for defense against flak; broadly, a bulletproof vest

  • Flannel

    soft twilled wool or beaten fabric with a loose texture and a faintly napped surface; a plain or twill woven cotton fabric napped and of soft yarns simulating the texture of wool flannel; a heavy cotton fabric usually napped on one side.

  • Flannelette

    a cotton flannel, soft material with a napped finish, usually only on one side. It may be bleached, dyed, printed, or woven in colored stripes. Plain and twill weave.

  • Flight suit

    a usually one-piece garment particularly of fire-resistant fabric worn in particular by military aircrews

  • Flip-flop

    a rubber sandal heavily fastened to the foot by a thong

  • Flipper

    a plane rubber shoe with the front prolonged into a paddle used in skin diving

  • Foulard

    a piece of clothing made of foulard, that is a lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk with a printed pattern.

  • Fourragere

    a braided cord worn frequently around the left shoulder, particularly when awarded as a military decoration

  • Freelance Model

    A model listed with multiple agencies (as opposed to one particular agency) or a self-promoting model who works without an agent. Most commercial print models are freelance and work as independent contractors.

  • French cuff

    a soft double cuff that is made by revolving back half of a wide cuff band and strap with cuff links

  • Frock

    an external garment worn by monks and friars; an outer garment worn mainly by men; a long loose mantle; a workman's outer shirt; a woolen jersey worn particularly by sailors; a woman's dress.

  • Frock coat

    a man's knee-length generally double-breasted coat

  • Fuji

    a spun silk clothing fabric in plain weave formerly made in Japan.