The following terms and definitions are defined with respect to their use and with respect to latest Modeling and model agencies. All the definitions listed here are written by me, unless other credit is specified. Not everyone will agree with my definitions.

Models Glossary Terms

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  • Earflap

    a warm wrapper for the ears, particularly an extension on the lower edge of a cap that may be folded up or down

  • Earmuff

    one of a pair of ear wrapper linked by a flexible band and worn as defense against cold or noises

  • Ecru

    the colour of fibres, yarns or fabrics that have not been subjected to processes distressing their natural colour.

  • Editorial Modeling

    This refers to a photography for magazines and other weekly or monthly articles, as well as in the covers of the magazines. This work is very willingly required after by models because of the publicity it offers. Editorial Modeling is comparable to High Fashion Modeling, except that the model works for a meticulous publication. The readers of that publication make up a objective audience for the photographs taken. Images in the non-advertisement part of the fashion magazines, such as Glamour, fashion, or Seventeen, are good examples of this type of modeling. The physical requirements are less stringent than for High Fashion Modeling, but the pay rate is significantly less. Many more models are needed for Editorial Modeling, and Editorial practice opens the door to High Fashion Modeling.

  • Eephod

    a linen apron worn in antique Hebrew rites, particularly a vestment for the high priest

  • Egyptian cotton

    long staple assortment from Egypt with fiber length averaging 1 3/8".

  • Eiderdown

    a soft lightweight clothing fabric knitted or woven and snoozed on one or both sides.

  • Elastic

    an elastic fabric frequently made of yarns containing rubber.

  • Embroidery

    ornamental needlecraft on fabric either by hand or by machine.

  • Epaulet

    something that stuff or protects the shoulder: An epaulet is an ornamental fringed shoulder pad previously worn as part of a military uniform.

  • Eponge

    (souffle) wool, also rayon and silk, it is Derived from the French term eponge for "spongy". Very soft and sponge like in a assortment of novelty effects with loose weave of about 20 x 20.

  • Erotic Nude

    A photograph in which a model showed to be naked or partially nude, where the intention of the picture is to convey eroticism, i.e., sexuality. Not fashionable of other photo types.

  • Espadrille

    a sandal frequently having a fabric upper and a flexible sole

  • Etamine

    a light cotton or beaten fabric with an open mesh.

  • Eton collar

    a big stiff turnover collar

  • Eton jacket

    a small black jacket with long sleeves, wide lapels, and an open front

  • Extra

    The acting profession done by an actor where the actor has no verbal communication lines, but stands in the background and adds to the impression of a scene.

  • Eyeshade

    a visor that shields the eyes from strong light and is secure on with a headband